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We Are Networking Star!

Networking Star is an organization headed by direct sales guru Jeffery Boyle and provides critical training resources for finding success in business and as an entrepreneur.

Our regular blog articles, video podcasts featuring industry leaders and training events all are focused on helping business leaders and entrepreneurs connect, share and learn.

Jeffery is an entrepreneur himself and has had a tremendous experience in business starting with a successful direct sales business in the early 90s, a dot com business owner in the late 90s, executive experience within a public company, a business magazine publisher, a judicial clerkship for a federal judge and the CEO of a multi-national health company. He has also built a large network marketing business across the world.

Success is defined in a lot of ways, but it’s more than a paycheck. Life is meant to be lived and it isn’t a spectator sport. You can do more and feel young again. Join us on our bold adventures! We’ll not only help you become successful but also help you start living life again!

jeff-mediumAbout Jeffery Boyle

Some might say Jeff was born to be in Direct Sales. At age 8, Jeffery launched his first business venture as a Confectioner, leveraging allowance into wholesale candy purchases for sales to neighborhood kids.

Jeffery has succeeded at many opportunities and ventures, but has also had his fair share of failures. His failures have been powerful tools to help him understand the needs of the people he works and grows businesses with. He loves being an entrepreneur and helping others succeed. Home-based businesses provide entrepreneurs opportunities with low start-up costs and the ability to associate with others who love to improve. Home-based businesses can also be an incredible way to make money.

Jeffery has more than 15 years of corporate industry experience and is constantly seeking like-minded people who share in a purpose that encourages others to create prosperity for themselves, their family, their community and ultimately for the world.

Jeffery knows there’s more to life than a paycheck and constantly searches for new and exciting adventures, from skydiving to extreme downhill mountain biking.

Jeffery earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho, practicing law briefly before returning to Network Marketing. A devoted family man, Jeffery is the proud husband to wife, Angela, and father to their five incredible children

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