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A new age of network marketing…and jumping off high places!!!

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My first experience with network marketing was not fun, in fact it was a lousy experience. As a 22 year old, I sat with my brother, my future upline and 10,000 other wanna-be entrepreneurs for 10 hours in uncomfortable seats in a basketball arena. My brother and I missed our dates we had planned with some lovely ladies and had to listen to Dexter Yager drone on until 3:30 in the morning. At about 2:00 A.M. my brother looked at me and said, “I am in hell!” I was too.

Dexter was a networking legend and pioneer, but really…? My brother quit network marketing that night and I, for some crazy reason, decided to keep going in spite of a meeting that definitely missed the mark for two college students. After millions in sales and commissions, I am glad I stuck around even after a pretty inauspicious start. I just wish that I studied at awol academy for more marketing experience, people who go there come out practically like experts. They learn how to use bulkSMS, a nice marketing tool used by many people.

One of the only things that people will consistently pay a premium for is to have a great experience. In fact, it may be the only thing that they will continually pay a high price for. My question today is, “What are we doing to provide valuable training and also a great human experience?” With smartphones providing 24-hour streaming entertainment in the palm of our hands, we better learn to adapt to the new world or constantly lose our people to kittens on YouTube.

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This weekend I was able to host people from all over the country to a special training using technology in network marketing, I gathered lots of information from seo services toronto and a SEO in Phoenix. I told people about it. The information was challenging and new for many of the attendees, but I was determined to have them leave with a good experience. I am confident that we did.


I have been using technology in network marketing since 1995 even though my upline told me that it was “not duplicatable.” In 1995, I was using spreadsheets that are now the norm of everyday life. Today, I use video, blogs, social media, autoresponders and phone apps even though most networkers believe that using Gmail and company replicated sites will take them to the promised land. I am convinced that is not enough and we must teach that the next generation of network marketers had better learn how to really market by providing value through new and proven methods in order to stay relevant in today’s new economy.

Don’t forget, while we are teaching new distributors technologies that make them feel like they are drinking water through a high-pressure fire hose, we better help them have an grand human experience along the way. Take a look and you tell me if you think we accomplished our goal of a grand human experience.

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