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People Matter Most!

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 The network marketing industry has been very good to my family!  My wife, Marsha Hughes, and I began our career in network marketing in 1995 on a very part-time basis.  At the time we started our part-time career in network marketing, Marsha was a special education school teacher and I was a full-time veterinary sales manager for the Iams Pet Food company!  (Yes, I was one of those guys who got up every day, pumped up and ready to go sell my dog and cat food for a living!)  While our careers in corporate America came with the 401K plan and steady salaries, we both lacked fulfillment and flexibility.

We were full of hopes and dreams!  While Marsha worked as a school teacher, she also had the very challenging role of mother to five young children.  We joined a company that sold personal development as the core product.  Sadly, after one year of consistent effort and our best intentions, we failed miserably.  In fact, after one year we never received a single dime in compensation.

Marsha and I continued searching for a company where we believed we could eventually go full-time and make the kind of money we knew we were capable of earning and do it from the comfort of our own home.  We tried and failed in a few more network marketing ventures, again making zero income.

In 1998 we found a company where we started to make money!  In that year, I learned a very important principle that helped propel us to millions of dollars in income as full-time network marketers.  That principal is “people matter most”.

When Marsha and I started earning over $10,000 per month, we discovered the importance of focusing on marketing HOPE & OPPORTUNITY.  The product or the service came after the people!  A smart network marketing company knows their most valuable assets are their people, and not necessarily their products, services or compensation plan.  We’ve represented companies who talk the talk when it comes to valuing their people but they simply do not walk the walk.

While working with corporate America I learned an acronym of C.C.P.P.  Company, Culture, Products & People.  When choosing a network marketing company, the company has got to be solid!  The management team, the legal team, the financial backers, all must to be committed for the long haul.  Company culture must be where free enterprise and entrepreneurialism can flourish and prosper.  The products have to be unique, consumable and need to provide value to the masses. However, the most important ingredient of all are the PEOPLE!

Network Marketing is changing!  We’ve all heard the expression, “Time will expose you or promote you.”  Well, this goes not only for the representatives of a company but for the company as well!  Companies who focus exclusively on shareholders, investors, products, and services over their people will eventually be “exposed” and will fall on very tough times, if they survive at all.

News gets around at the speed of “chime”. Our phones alert us of every news event or story, regardless of importance. This is the world in which we live.  Social media has changed everything!  You can run but you can’t hide in 2012!

Less than effective network marketing companies “TOLERATE” their distributor force.  Successful network marketing companies CELEBRATE them!  They celebrate their employees but most important of all, they celebrate their independent representatives.  These companies understand that without independent representatives they would not exist.

In a world of text messages, instant messages, emails and websites, it’s easy to lose perspective on the human element of our industry.  Network marketing is and forever will be a business where relationships matter; where trust, compromise and appreciation are intertwined in the fabric of day-to-day operations.  In our business people are what matter most!


Tony Hughes,
Networking Star Contributing Writer

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