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With Business Etiquette Schools Thriving, Global Leader Protocol School of Washington® Heads to West Coast

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NEW YORK, Jan. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Over 15 million Americans are out of work (The New York Times, Dec 2010) so it’s no surprise Bloomberg BusinessWeek covered the rise in Business Etiquette Schools.  If you need help polishing your business etiquette and international protocol skills here comes the cavalry. The Protocol School of Washington®, the only accredited school of its kind in the U.S., announced today it is bringing its Washington, D.C. courses to Los Angeles. The Protocol Officer Training course is Feb 3-8, 2011.  The Corporate Etiquette & International Protocol course is June 17-21 and November 11-15, 2011.  (Details at

According to PSOW President & Director Pamela Eyring the school’s expansion is based on requests she’s fielded over the past two years. “Given the volume of requests from grads and (potential grads) west of the Mississippi, coupled with a weak economy, we had to make the training easier and more cost-effective – bringing the curriculum to them just made sense,” says Eyring who points out that PSOW has grads from California (Boeing, UCLA, Beverly Hills Manners), Texas (NASA, USAF, ExxonMobile), Washington (Sharp Lab), Salem, Oregon (The Attorney General’s Office) and other western states from Nevada to New Mexico.  “They fly east at a great expense to their employers and themselves,” says Eyring who notes many grads are entrepreneurs who start their own etiquette business: a growing option for Millennials to retirees either unable to find employment or in need of additional income.

Re-tooling Millennials: The New Office Morons

Bloomberg BusinessWeek jumped on the “Breakdown in Business Etiquette Skills Bandwagon” (coining Millennials the “New Office Morons”) partly because Millennials spend more face time with computers than co-workers and lack such basic business skills as how to dress, shake hands, and basic dining skills.  “One of the biggest employer complaints is that women dress for work like they’re going clubbing,” says Eyring who thinks Millennials aren’t alone.  The Social Media explosion created a huge problem with people texting and taking calls in client meetings whether their age is 25 or 55.  Especially in today’s competitive environment, poor business behavior is a deal-breaker and the rise in business etiquette schools underscores employees, and employers, are taking it seriously.

Not Just Millennials Need Help – Working Global Takes Skill

Factors beyond technology are driving the rise in business etiquette schools.  To quote author and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, “The World is Flat” and as we enter a new decade Americans are working with foreign governments and businesses at an accelerated pace.  “Just to survive, we must learn how to work with and respect the customs of other cultures from knowing the proper form of address to appropriate gift giving to knowing that a businesswoman visiting Saudi Arabia covers her arms.  “International Protocol is a big part of our training,” stresses Eyring.

Founded in 1988 to service an expanding global economy, PSOW is the only accredited school of its kind in the U.S. and is the acknowledged world leader having trained over 3,000 graduates from 45 countries including the UAE, Bulgaria, China, Great Britain, Ghana, India, and Switzerland.  PSOW facilitators hail from The White House, the Disney Institute, corporate America and the military.  The school is owned by Pamela Eyring who has worked with heads of state, four-star generals, CEOs and entrepreneurs.


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