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Credit Suisse Private Banking USA Introduces ‘Strategic Philanthropy: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential’ White Paper

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NEW YORK, Jan. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A new report from Credit Suisse and CSR Asia, entitled, “Strategic Philanthropy: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential,” explores the potential that exists for strategic philanthropists in stimulating entrepreneurship and small business development in developing countries.

The paper considers the following areas: how ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) can make philanthropic activities more strategic and sustainable by engaging in social entrepreneurship and small business development; how philanthropists can use their wealth and skills to support emerging markets; and demonstrates with worldwide case studies how UHNWIs have been successful at pursuing their philanthropic endeavors.

“Credit Suisse is pleased to offer thought leadership around how philanthropy can drive social change as well as to be in a position to provide ultra-high net worth individuals and families with insights as they look toward donating significant amounts of their fortune to philanthropy,” said, Bill Woodson, Head of Credit Suisse’s Family Wealth Management group.

Entrepreneurial Development

Strategic philanthropists are in a unique position to support entrepreneurial development. Support can be aimed at providing access to affordable capital; bringing business knowledge and experience; to engage marginalized groups in entrepreneurial opportunities and in the stimulation of entrepreneurial education at all levels. The paper includes a wide range of practical examples of organizations, funds, networks and businesses that have developed various approaches to encourage entrepreneurship in developing countries.

Venture Philanthropy

Venture philanthropy is a promising tool to support enterprise solutions while generating both financial returns and social or environmental returns. Venture philanthropy investments have a proven track record of nurturing profitable businesses, with measurable effects on poverty reduction and other social and environmental challenges. The paper features key principles to make venture philanthropic investments successful, including practical suggestions to combine non-financial assistance with investments and tailoring it to local needs and ideas on how to select good partners and investees.  By focusing support on enterprises that bring about systematic change, for example in women and youth, there is an opportunity to provide substantial economic and social value.


Measuring impact is a crucial component of successful philanthropy as it helps to focus on results and impact, ensures effective allocation of resources, and upholds accountability. The paper describes the impact value chain and impact measurement tools that help to identify positive and negative changes in the community resulting from investments.

Case Studies

Many wealthy individuals have made their fortune out of their entrepreneurial talents, and the new emphasis on using both their wealth and skills as an investment to unlock entrepreneurial potential in emerging markets resonates amongst some of the world’s leading philanthropists. Throughout the paper, examples of these philanthropists are highlighted as sources of inspiration.

Credit Suisse AG

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