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EnerPath Helps to Deliver Savings to Thousands of Small Businesses Across the Country Through Energy Efficiency Programs

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REDLANDS, Calif., March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — EnerPath, a leader in the energy efficiency industry, is helping businesses and homes become more efficient across the nation. This past year alone, EnerPath has made thousands of small businesses more energy efficient with programs in New York, California, and Texas.  Making participation in energy efficiency programs easy for utility customers ensures that EnerPath can deliver results to their clients, utilities across the country, and to their customers nationwide. Enerpath offers utilities marketing, product selection, procurement, and conducts energy assessments and installation management.  Taking unnecessary steps out of every piece of the process, EnerPath has optimized the energy efficiency delivery supply chain.  This is done through the use of advanced software and mobile technology that allow Energy Service Representatives to complete an energy assessment, show customers a customized energy savings report, and enroll customers in a program all on a mobile platform.

In one of its largest current programs, EnerPath has helped small businesses across New York State enroll in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program, offered by Iberdrola USA-owned utilities New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) and Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E).  As part of the program, launched in the summer of 2010, customers receive a free assessment of their business lighting and a 70% utility contribution on energy efficient lighting.  Average paybacks of a year make investing in energy efficiency a no-brainer for eligible small businesses. Together, EnerPath, NYSEG and RG&E have currently enrolled over 2,500 NYSEG and RG&E customers in the program who will save an estimated 18 million kilowatt-hours annually, the equivalent to the CO2 emissions released from over 1.4 million gallons of gasoline.  Savings are expected to increase as the program rolls into additional counties through 2011.

In these tough economic times, small businesses need ways to save money and stay in business. That’s one of the reasons that Dennis Miller, Manager of MyTee Undercare in Rochester, called for an assessment after visiting a business who had participated in the program.  Miller saw an opportunity to lower his lighting bill, “With the amount of energy we were using, I bet within six months it will pay for itself.”  But there are added benefits as well.  Miller says employees are much happier because the lights have improved the lighting conditions in the garage.  MyTee Undercare Service’s entire project cost was $3,145 with Miller contributing only $1,020; the remaining portion covered by the 70% RG&E funding.

Fritz Ruebeck, owner of Classic Automation in Rochester, has a small business success story. After being laid off from his job, he started his surplus control systems business from his home. Eight years later he has a large building in the heart of the city, employs 16 people, and was named in the Rochester Top 100 in 2009 and 2010. As a savvy businessman he was one of the first business owners to enroll in the Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. The lighting upgrade cost for his 15,000 square foot facility was $5,760, but with RG&E’s 70% project funding Ruebeck paid only $1,870. His electricity cost savings are estimated at $1,360 in the first year. The new lighting also helps his employees work with the small parts that are the heart of his business. Ruebeck explains “We need bright lights to be able to find the parts and part numbers and put them away.”

The program is also helping the local economy in New York  by creating 30 local jobs. This includes six employees hired to work in EnerPath’s Rochester headquarters and 24 Energy Service Representatives who perform energy assessments.  The program also supports the employment of 48 local electrical subcontractors.

EnerPath delivers large-scale energy efficiency programs for utilities and communities nationwide with predictable, reliable results and the highest customer satisfaction. Our award-winning program management software seamlessly integrates performance management systems, real-time dashboards and wireless field-auditing and reporting tools.  The use of real-time data and program monitoring systems allows EnerPath to continuously deliver outstanding results.  Each year, EnerPath makes thousands of homes and small businesses more energy efficient.


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