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Kleo Tax Archive: The Only Online Vault for Business Tax Documents

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HACKENSACK, N.J., April 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Any small business owner knows the importance of having tax documents stored and accessible. That’s especially true as April 15 approaches.

The new Kleo Tax Archive is changing the face of tax document storage with its new online storage system and iPhone app.

Now, for the first time, businesses can store important tax documents online where they can be securely retrieved in just a few clicks. Bankers, vendors, auditors and investors may ask for business tax information once or twice a year. Having it stored safely in an online vault like Kleo Tax Archive can save valuable time.

“Business owners don’t have to spend time searching through hard drives or boxes in a storage room,” said Jim Carroll, president of Carroll-Net, the parent company of Kleo Tax Archive. “Kleo Tax Archive is the only online solution that guarantees that documents are available for seven years.”

Carroll said that storing documents on hard drives isn’t feasible long-term as hard drives last from three to five years.

Businesses with documents stored at Kleo Tax Archive can print or email any tax document and access it from any computer or iPhone. Access to the Tax Documents are password protected, admittance encrypted and restriction firewalled.

For a small one-time fee, businesses can store important tax documents for seven years, as required by the IRS.

The new mobile app enables users to review and email documents from their iPhone, making Kleo Tax Archive the only tax document storage mobile app in the world.

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About Carroll-Net, Parent Company of Kleo Tax Archive

Carroll-Net provides datacenter-based archive and data-backup services. Since 1994, it has developed cutting-edge technology including U.S. Patent 7,668,880 for Offsite Storage, Backup & Rapid Recovery. Visit for more information.


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