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Last Minute Mileage: Tax Relief for Small Business Taxpayers Under Pressure

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — BizMile, a location-based, cloud-based service for mileage tracking, automates the record-keeping burden for people who drive and deduct business, medical and charitable mileage – even if they procrastinated all year in documenting their miles.

BizMile makes recreating your car mileage “a business no-brainer.”

The task of logging mileage for deductions is so cumbersome that many people who qualify for these deductions find themselves with an incomplete picture of how far they drove last year.

Mileage tracking is such a hassle, many people just guess.

These drivers had virtually no fast and easy solutions at a deadline to recreate these logs accurately. Now with BizMile, people can receive all their money back in 80% less time.

When guessing against the IRS for taxes – people leave a lot of money on the table.

Patricia, a BizMile user from Los Angeles, said: “Until using BizMile, I had no idea how much I drove. It’s unbelievable.  I am deducting 9378 miles this year – that’s almost $4700 off my taxes just for mileage.  No way I guessed that I did that much driving.”

Many others lose out – because of faulty logs – giving more money to the IRS than needed. BizMile customer statistics show on average deduction of $4800 at a $39 SRP.

BizMile validates the distance – so one less argument with the IRS.

BizMile logs are facts. It offers “audited” mileage solutions backed by state-of-the-art Internet navigation best practices and the best geo data commercially available.

So good – the pros gave BizMile a thumbs up.

BizMile was honorably mentioned as one of the TOP NEW PRODUCTS for 2011 by Accounting Today in March 2011.

About BizMile

For 3 years, BizMile has served the “Audited” market of stressed out, under pressure taxpayers whose mileage deductions and returns were audited by the IRS.

In October of 2010, BizMile 2.0 was publicly launched for individual small business taxpayers and their tax pros for a proactive approach in avoiding an IRS audit.  In March 2011, BizMile Company Edition was released for employers and their expense reimbursement needs to get employees back to work 80% faster and save 15 to 25% in reimbursement payouts.


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