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Rapid Financial Services, LLC D/B/A RapidAdvance Announces an Expansion of Their Small Business Financing Products

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BETHESDA, Md., April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — RapidAdvance now offers small business owners a suite of products designed to meet the needs of established low risk businesses, businesses with financial challenges, and newer businesses.  This suite of products offers business owners of all types the ability to obtain financing to grow their business.

RapidAdvance’s small business financing programs focus on business owners who may no longer meet bank financing requirements either due to a lack of sufficient assets or falling below their bank’s credit requirements.  By increasing financing options, RapidAdvance is in a leading position to better serve a larger segment of the millions of small to medium size businesses operating in the United States.

RapidAdvance currently has formed partnerships with leading credit card processors, including First Data, NPC, iPayments, Mercury, Integrity, Cynergy, Elavon, CoCard, North American BankCard, RBS WorldPay, and many others.  These relationships have allowed RapidAdvance to support over one thousand ISO partners.

These extensive relationships also provide merchants options in who they can use to manage the day to day transactions of their business while obtaining the capital they need to grow.

RapidAdvance’s products have proven vital to small business owners by providing funding to clients whose access to capital through their traditional means, such as banks, credit unions, small business credit cards, and home equity loans has become more restricted over the past several years. By utilizing models that examine historical cash flow and expected future performance, RapidAdvance is able to take a different approach to business financing.

Mark Cerminaro, RapidAdvance Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains that “a major concern for us is to make sure that we are not only providing business owners with more options to get the capital they need but that we are doing so on their time table.  Business owners have immediate needs for capital, probably more so now than ever and do not have the time to wait three weeks for an answer.  As business owners feel more confident with the economic turnaround they are noticing opportunities to advertise, purchase bulk inventory at discounts and even expand their existing business or open new locations.   We have seen a dramatic increase in demand for our services prompting us to expand our platforms as we see more businesses being underserved by traditional sources.”

About RapidAdvance

Rapid Advance is a leader in the alternative financing industry providing financing to meet the working capital needs of small and mid-sized business owners.  RapidAdvance’s funding programs provide funds for any business purpose including purchasing new equipment, inventory/seasonal merchandise, expansion/remodel, pay off debt/taxes, and emergency funding.  Rapid Advance also offers a partner program for companies who work with small businesses.  Rapid Advance is based in Bethesda, Maryland.

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