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Small Business Focused On Disabilities Turns To Crowdfunding For Startup

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Small business, disabilities and jobs are topics on the rise in circles across the globe. Chad Moore, President of LLC, has combined them all in a small business startup offering wall hangings, books and t-shirts focused on disabilities. “People with disabilities inspire. We have clearly seen that in the Olympics and Paralympics. I have talked with many people with disabilities who would like to see more media, print and decor that includes them. wants to give businesses, organizations and individuals something they can use to increase inclusion in their environments,” said Moore. will raise startup funds in order to launch a web accessible internet site where businesses and individuals can purchase posters, canvas pieces, books, and t-shirts reflecting the inspiration found in people with disabilities. is participating in a crowdfunding startup campaign at where they are looking to raise 10,000 dollars.

“We decided to attempt to raise half of what we need to develop a website that can be used by the broadest group of customers. Building a website with accessibility in mind is as important as building a physical business with good accessibility.” The other half of the price tag for the site will come from Moore himself. has more than wall hangings and t-shirts in mind. The ultimate goal of the company will be to create jobs for an integrated workforce. An integrated workforce uses people with and without disabilities to work together within the same company. “Our start up team is made up of business men and women who do and do not have disabilities, but one thing is for sure, we are all committed to raising awareness and creating jobs.”

The fundraising campaign will run for 30 days on and is an all or nothing campaign. This means if the company does not reach its goal, no money or products are exchanged. Says Moore, “ is geared specifically toward business startups. We know we are in good hands with them, and we are confident the public will support us.”


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