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Açai Action® Energizes Swimmer

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A passionate swimmer since age three, Clare Chilton represented Great Britain at the 1997 Deaflympics in Copenhagen, Denmark, and today continues to compete at national swimming events. Clare and her partner, Clive Mason, are Neways distributors. “We both share a strong and passionate commitment to physical health and value the importance of what we put into our bodies,” says Clare.

At Great Britain’s recent Neways convention, Clare had the pleasure of meeting Akwasi Frimpong, who is aiming to compete in track and field at the 2012 Olympics. “He is a strong believer in using Acai Action® to give him that little extra speed and, most importantly, endurance,” says Clare. “After meeting Akwasi, I drank an Acai Action® on the morning of a swimming competition and then another half an hour before the race, expecting it to give me that extra boost.”To Clare’s amazement, she accomplished an excellent time. “This was the best feeling ever,” she says. “I have been trying for years to reach this level of fitness and speed, and thanks to Acai Action® I have finally achieved it.”

Recently, Clare competed in a national swim competition. “I went to the event with the goal of beating my personal best and, if at all possible, beating the club record,” she says. “As it turned out, I did better than I could have possibly imagined! I ended up not only beating my personal best and the club record by a massive 13 seconds, but also finishing the 400-meter individual medley in second place, winning the silver medal!”

Clare attributes her success to Neways products. “The daily supplements made an immediate impact. I started all my training with a renewed hunger, feeling stronger and fitter than I have done for years. Without a shadow of a doubt, Acai Action® gave me the lift I needed. I am absolutely over the moon!”

A native of South Africa, Clare Chilton works part time at the Royal National Institute for Deaf People as a British Sign Language specialist. She has been involved in national broadcasting, and she was recently invited to speak at the House of Commons about the importance of visual fire alarms to ensure the safety of deaf people.

If you have a similar success story involving a Neways product you’d like to share please email with the details.

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