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Code Pink Boot Camp Continues Its Expansion and Innovation

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Unique women’s fitness boot camp program Code Pink Boot Camp continues to expand as it provides an exclusive and empowering approach to women’s fitness

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Code Pink Boot Camp has established itself as a leader in women’s fitness programs from its base in Orange County, California, where its founder Christina Lucy launched her first fitness boot camp training session in 2008. Despite the recent economic slump, Code Pink Boot Camp has since expanded to Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Texas, and in each state it has attracted repeat and new participants who are pleased with the results of the intensive program as they look to Code Pink Boot Camp for interaction with fellow women fitness enthusiasts who help each other progress physically as well as inwardly.

Lucy founded Code Pink Boot Camp in response to a need for effective and expert fitness training for women in her community. She found that personal trainers were opening boot camps for group training, but that few of them had the experience and background necessary to take individual needs and goals into account. Therefore, she created her boot camps with an emphasis not only on physical exercise but also on personal and spiritual growth and motivation. This is in contrast to some of the programs which she experienced, in which only extreme physical exertion was being promoted as the key to growth.

And just as women have experienced true inner and physical growth with Code Pink Boot Camp, the programs have grown not only in terms of location but also in terms of meeting specific needs. For example, the Bridal Boot Camp has been launched to help women look and feel their best on their wedding days, and theme boot camps such as Yoga or Pilates are periodically featured.

The response to Code Pink Boot Camp from its participants has indeed been very positive. A repeat participant describes her success:

“… This is the jump start I really needed! After having my baby (5 years ago) I thought I would never be a size 6 again! Well, I am! I went from a size 14 to a size 6! I am thrilled! I have never been so energized and motivated before in my life!”

Since Code Pink Boot Camp prides itself on its holistic approach, its programs include lectures on women’s health issues, motivational presentations, and community fundraisers as well as exercise. By combining personal attention with group interaction, Code Pink Boot Camp continues to develop itself as the leader in women’s fitness programs that emphasize a holistic approach. Women turn to Lucy and the Camp in order to achieve the ultimate in personal success in all aspects of their lives, and the program continues to expand to new locations as it adds new variations on its successful theme of physical, social and inner growth.

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