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NEW MARKET, Md., Jan. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The launch of a new online craft show, CraftShowCase (, has brought crafters and shoppers a new venue for connecting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“It’s the ultimate ‘win-win’ solution for crafters and their customers,” said creator Chris Gresh. She has been a crafter since the early 1980s, and she always tries to buy handcrafted items for gifts. Their experience with craft shows led Gresh and her husband to discuss developing an online network for crafters and artisans to buy and sell homemade accessories, household items, clothes and art. “Basically, our website is a craft show without the crowds,” said Gresh.

Value of CraftShowCase to Buyers

“Additionally, consumers and small store owners are often short on time and so they can’t make it to their favorite craft shows,” continued Gresh. “ is an always-available source for unique and special gifts as well as wholesale buying.” Buyers can put items from multiple vendors in one online cart then receive their purchased articles directly from the crafter or artisan.

“At malls and big-box stores, everyone is buying identical items,” said Gresh. “With handmade items, each is made a little differently, so each is an original. And most crafters will customize pieces for customers.”

Value of CraftShowCase to Sellers

Instead of paying for a physical booth that will be visited by a limited number of event attendees, crafters can save time and energy by setting up an ongoing online “booth” for a setup fee and small percentage of gross revenue, all of which comes to a fraction of the cost of an actual booth. CraftShowCase uses search optimization to ensure that vendors’ wares are continuously available to shoppers all over the world.

The guestbook feedback indicates vendors’ pleasure with the website. “I found this site by accident and was thrilled with the idea of a craft show w/o all the hassle. I liked it so much I am now a vendor here,” wrote a crafter from Hummelstown, Pa. “I like the way you do business,” wrote another crafter who had just received a check.

“Every one of these crafters and artisans is a small business owner, and we should support them,” Gresh continued. “Small businesses make our nation great.”

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