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FHTM Representatives Enjoy Los Cabos Vacation

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LEXINGTON, KY, Nov. 16, 2010 – As a way of rewarding its Independent Representatives for their successful sales efforts, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Inc. (FHTM) sent over 100 Representatives on a trip to the Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. This fun and relaxing vacation, which took place from November 2 to November 4, was met with enthusiasm from all who attended.

FHTM National Sales Manager Joel McNinch of Austin, TX called it “the best FHTM trip yet” while Executive Sales Manager Bill Harloff of Raleigh, NC declared it “the best trip I have ever been on in my life.”

“I was on one of the previous trips, too,” said Executive Sales Manager Kelley McCauley of Eastover, NC, “and while it was fantastic, this trip was far and away better. It was not only the beautiful location, but the execution and organization was spot on!”

This was the FHTM Leadership Travel Program’s third vacation, with previous trips taking place in the Bahamas. Representatives qualify for these vacations by meeting certain sales goals in specific months.

The trip’s first evening featured a premier party for FHTM Focus, FHTM’s new monthly television show, which airs on DISH Network. Attendees watched the debut episode at sunset on a whale watching terrace overlooking the Sea of Cortez.

During the daytime, many Representatives relaxed poolside while others took advantage of local activities including safaris and sky diving. Trip-goers used the evenings to network with each other and members of the FHTM executive staff.

“Having the opportunity to network with FHTM leaders and staff in a close, private setting was an experience that will take my personal business to the next level,” said Executive Sales Manager Brock Keen of Albany, OR. “Our input from the field directly affects what happens at the corporate office and that is an incredible way to run a business.”

FHTM Sales and Outreach Director Erin Turner was pleased with the execution of this trip and looks forward to making the next one even better.

“We love having Representatives’ input when planning future trips,” Turner said. “For example, some have said it’s hard getting away during the week. We listened to their concerns and decided to have the upcoming April trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic fall on a weekend. We’ve also surveyed attendees of the Los Cabos trip to see where they want the Leadership Travel Program to go in the future.”

About FHTM

FHTM, headquartered in Lexington, KY, was founded by Paul Orberson in 2001. FHTM is a direct selling company that allows Independent Representatives to build their own businesses selling products and services including Dish Network, True Essentials and the Envy Organics line of beauty products. FHTM Canada was founded in 2005; FHTM also has Representatives in the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico.

FHTM enjoys rewarding its Representatives for successful sales efforts through the Leadership Travel Program, the Platinum Car Program and various other promotions.

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Brittney Mills
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  • booger444

    According to FHTM:
    FHTM is no longer authorized to use the DuPont name, logo, or trademark in any way. FHTM should immediately discontinue the use of any materials containing the DuPont logo. Our right to use DuPont’s name, logo and trademark was revoked because FHTM abused the system by creating and distributing unapproved marketing materials that displayed the DuPont logo.

    According to the real world:
    How can this be true when the DuPont logo has been part of the FHTM corporate created business presentation DVD for years? The only reason they blame the reps for this is to shield themselves from a major trademark infringement lawsuit. FHTM never had a partnership or any relationship with DuPont, yet they took it upon themselves to represent they did in an effort to make themselves legal. Surprise…surprise.

    CABO is great for spring break and watching 1/2 naked college girls on the beach get wild. Grown men and successful business people go to the Greek Islands or someplace more thrilling than CABO, unless you only make your money in FHTM.

    • Networking Star

      Some very interesting information! Thank you for sharing what you’ve heard and, I’d have to say, I’m inclined to agree with you on the Cabos vacation.

  • booger444

    FTC Steps Up Efforts Against Scams That Target Financially-Strapped Consumers

    More Than 90 Actions Brought By Commission and Its Law Enforcement Partners

    Attorney General Roy Cooper today joined state attorneys general from across the country and the Federal Trade Commission to announce a national sweep targeting business opportunity scams, including actions against four companies that have targeted North Carolina consumers.

    “When jobs are scarce, claims to help people make money fast become plentiful,” Cooper said. “Consumers think they’re buying into a great way to earn a living, but they could end up paying far more than they’ll ever make.”

    In challenging economic times, many people in the state are looking for work. Unfortunately, sometimes they find scams instead of legitimate opportunities. Complaints to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division about business opportunity, work-at-home schemes, and other employment related scams were up 11 percent last year, from 177 complaints in 2009 to 197 complaints in 2010.

    Operation Empty Promises is a national sweep by the FTC, Cooper and other state attorneys general aimed at stopping business opportunity scams and educating consumers about how to avoid them. Announced as part of the sweep are actions taken by Cooper’s Consumer Protection Division against four companies including
    Fortune Hi Tech Marketing claims that people who buy into its business earn thousands of dollars a year. Based on consumer complaints, Cooper’s office launched an investigation into FHTM in mid 2010. Consumers say they paid money to the company but were only able to make money by recruiting others into the scheme, not by selling any actual goods or services. A total of 25 consumers have now complained about FHTM, and Cooper’s office is investigating the company. Although this case is currently under investigation, it’s important for consumers to know that a pyramid scheme is a violation of the law and is defined as any plan in which a participant pays money for the chance to receive money upon the introduction of new participants into the program.

    “We’re looking closely at business opportunities that seem to offer false hopes, and also reaching out to educate consumers on how to recognize and avoid fraud,” Cooper said.

    Later this month, Cooper’s office plans to launch a tool kit to educate consumers on fake business opportunities which will include print, web and video materials. The goal is to prevent North Carolina consumers from losing their hard-earned money to scammers trying to take advantage of a tough employment market.

    “Don’t let scammers use empty promises of jobs with high earnings to take your money,” Cooper warned consumers. “Before you agree to invest in any business, check it out thoroughly and always be skeptical of claims of guaranteed profits.”

    Cooper has taken action against a number of other kinds of scams fueled by hard times. For example, his Consumer Protection Division has won 13 cases against foreclosure assistance and loan modification scams in the past five years, including two so far in 2011.The Federal Trade Commission today stepped up its ongoing campaign against scammers who falsely promise guaranteed jobs and opportunities to “be your own boss” to consumers who are struggling with unemployment and diminished incomes as a consequence of the economic downturn.

    “Operation Empty Promises,” a multi-agency law enforcement initiative today announced more than 90 enforcement actions, including three new FTC cases and developments in seven other matters, 48 criminal actions by the Department of Justice (many of which involved the assistance of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service), seven additional civil actions by the Postal Inspection Service, and 28 actions by state law enforcement agencies in Alaska, California, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia.

    In a press conference at the FTC, David Vladeck, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, was joined by Tony West, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice; Greg Campbell, Deputy Chief Inspector of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service; North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper; and a California consumer who had bought into a program to start his own Internet business.

    “The victims of these frauds are our neighbors – people who are trying to make an honest living,” said David C. Vladeck, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Under pressure to make ends meet, they risked their limited financial resources in response to the promise of a job, an income – a chance at a profitable home-based business. But these turned out to be empty promises – and the people who counted on them ended up with high levels of frustration and even higher levels of debt.”

    The FTC has updated consumer education materials to help consumers avoid falling victim to these scams. Screen shots from the websites of some of the operators charged in this law enforcement sweep, as well as video footage of FTC Consumer Protection Director Vladeck and FTC attorney Daniel Hanks, are also available at the FTC website.

  • booger444

    FHTM Impact 2012 – A Great white money shark washes ashore!

    “If the fate of your business model rests at the hands of one individual,(not me) to the extent that you have to spend millions of dollars to try and shut him up then the system is just fatally flawed. Fix the PROBLEM not the SYMPTOM. This is all just a side effect of what you have created. I don’t see the worst of the worst companies out there that act like this or have to put up with this nonsense. What’s the common denominator? Stop acting like 3rd graders and run a business for once”, says Rob Jenkins.

    FHTM has not only engaged in a malicious prosecution since the very beginning but they have had their representatives call and threaten Mr. Isaacs life.. The ex- FHTM general counsel, Judy Hammerschmidt, who was not even licensed to practice law in Kentucky, and still isnt.

    She has since been reprimanded by the Kentucky Bar Association. No evidence existed or exists to back any of their claims. If FHTM had a case with legal merit they would have never agreed to a settlement and dismissal in June 2011. They didn’t win anything as they have rumored through the ranks of their cult-like followers.

    FHTM continues to purposefully engage in behavior that is extreme and outrageous which is intended to cause severe mental anguish and they should be penalized for the intentional infliction of emotional distress. The FHTM attorneys, who are milking their cash-cow client, have outright said that they will not be satisfied until Mr. Isaacs is homeless, without family, living on welfare in a cardboard box under a bridge somewhere. Their intention is not to get at the truth but instead to bankrupt Mr. Isaacs.

    Mr. Isaacs took a sabbatical since the settlement in June 2011. He has given no further media interviews, no television appearances, no AG complaints and no internet blogging. It doesn’t matter if he discusses FHTM or not. The FHTM legal team is so bent on blaming Mr. Isaacs for every negative comment or complaint made against them anywhere that they are blinded by the fact that others despise them as well of not more than he ever did. They have made Mr. Isaacs the poster child for not going against their cult and fraudulent business model.

    Their continued malicious prosecution and harassment resulted in Mr. Isaacs stress level hitting the roof in August 2011 causing a major life threatening heart attack. He underwent two major surgeries inside of a month to save his life. Doctor’s orders were to eliminate anything stressful in my life including the FHTM litigation and work. He was forced into retirement and has been going broke as a direct result of the litigation by FHTM in their attempt to kill him literally. It is like they smelled the blood and won’t let up till Mr. Isaacs is gone from the face of the earth permanently.

    Who in their sane mind would ever think that such a supposedly respectable company, run by the “King of MLM”– Paul Orberson, would spend all of their resources on attempted murder? Their intentions are clear – don’t rest until Mr. Isaacs is dead and gone.

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