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First Cloud-Based Business Plan Dashboard Service Launches

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San Francisco’s Web 2.0 Expo Kicks Off General Release Of Quipu’s BusinessModel™ Dashboard

SAN FRANCISCO, March 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Quipu Applications, Inc., a Northern California software start-up, announced the official general public release date of Quipu BusinessModel™ (QBM), the world’s first business plan dashboard service. Coinciding with Quipu’s booth appearance at San Francisco’s Web 2.0 Expo, March 29 will be the first day that the public will be able to take advantage of QBM’s application suite — a combination of best-of-breed business plan software features including business plan samples, section wizards and descriptions, research and analysis tools, stakeholder mapping, company valuation tools, and other critical business functions.

“After our successful preview at Cloud Connect 2011 in early March, we’re ready to bring QBM to the public,” says Michael Issa, President and CEO of Quipu Applications, Inc. “By using the Web 2.0 Expo as QBM’s kick-off platform, we’ve ensured a high-profile launch at the premier conference for cutting-edge web applications.”

QBM enables entrepreneurs and VCs granular control over the sharing and collaboration while developing business plans thanks to tightly integrated Web 2.0 features including blogs, micro blogs, wikis, and chat. Each business plan section — financials, presentations, research, etc. — can be viewed based on assigned permissions, granting total flexibility for companies to bring in internal and external stakeholders as needed.

In addition, QBM offers practical business applications such as project management, Gantt Charts, and an automated calendar and notifications. QBM is integrated with Google Document Viewer and Visualization API, and can also import financial data from QuickBooks and contacts from all major online sources: Yahoo!, GMail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and hundreds of others.

“Web 2.0 features are critical to any business application these days. For documents that require collaborative data-gathering, this is even more so,” says Issa. “Technology has pushed collaboration forward but business plan software has been behind the curve. With QBM, we’re not just matching the curve — we’re exceeding it, and consumers can have at it at the Web 2.0 Expo on March 29.”

The BusinessModel™ base feature set is available to anyone free via the web – no hardware or software installation required. Advanced reports can be purchased on an a la carte basis; and annual subscriptions start at of $49.95.

Web 2.0 Expo attendees are invited to collaborate in their free QBM account at the Quipu Applications booth by scanning in their badge. Accounts include credit for 5 free QBM reports and a 30-day subscription to Business Analysis Manager allowing show attendees to get a taste of QBM’s powerful capabilities, as well as exclusive access to other QBM materials: demos, data sheets, white papers, case studies, videos, and more.

About Quipu Applications, Inc.

Quipu Applications, Inc. is a start-up Cloud Computing company. Based on Quipu Applications, Inc.’s Business Plan Software and collaboration platform, Quipu has revolutionized the way entrepreneurs and VCs collaborate and communicate with one another and their other stakeholders. For more information, visit

About the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco

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