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Innovative Undergarment Company Takes Their Wares Directly to Their Facebook Fans with Moontoast Social Commerce Products

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Environmentally Responsible Rad Socks and Underwear Get Social

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — How can underwear help save the planet? One load of KLeN Laundry at a time!  This innovative and eco-friendly start-up has been making a big impression on the action sports scene via event presence and athlete sponsorships. Now, using Moontoast’s Distributed Store, KLeN (pronounced “clean”) is extending their reach across the social Web.

Moontoast’s Distributed Store lets KLeN promote and sell their products directly from their Facebook page, or any other website.  Click here to go directly to KLeN’s store on Facebook:

“We believe in our product, and we love the way the Moontoast store lets us share it directly with fans who get the KLeN philosophy,” said KLeN founder, April Froke. “It’s great to see them sharing our products with their friends.”

Several of KLeN’s sponsored athletes are promoting the line of eco-friendly undergarments to their fans. Motocross Star Bryce Stavron said, “Motocross fans and the athletes are all part of the same community. We already share info about everything – equipment, events, hot spots, good music, and cool products like KLeN. Having the store just makes it easier.”

In an interview with, Froke said her biggest challenge is “getting the retailers to take a chance on a new company and new category.”

Getting prime shelf space with key retailers has always been a make-or-break factor for manufacturers, especially “indie” start-ups like KLeN.  Blair Heavey, Moontoast CEO says, “We’re really excited to be helping cool, up-and-coming companies like KLeN build their businesses with social commerce. Using products like our Distributed Store on platforms like Facebook, really levels the playing field.”

KLeN’s alliances with action sport companies, events, and athletes have helped the company build a strong fan base on sites like Facebook. Although Froke and her team – many of them action sports enthusiasts themselves – love bringing the KLeN eco-friendly message and product to live events and are proud to be carried by a wide range of specialty sports and fashion retailers. KLeN also sees the value of bringing an up-and-coming brand directly to consumers via social commerce tools like Moontoast’s Distributed Store.


Moontoast is a social commerce company based in Boston and Nashville. Today, our products, which include Facebook commerce, distributed stores, and commerce communities, empower artists, brands and individuals to open the doors to a world of new audience-building and revenue-generating opportunities. For more information, visit us at, or check out Moontoast Impulse at


Based in Corona, CA and launched in 2009, KLeN’s goal (pronounced “clean”) has been to make stylish, comfortable and eco-friendly clothing.  KLeN chose undergarments because socks and underwear are the primary staples of every wardrobe.  KLeN uses environmentally friendly fabrics, such as bamboo, over standard cottons.   KLeN has recently launched a new program called Tree’s for T’s — KLeN plants a tree for every shirt they sell through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. In addition, KLeN is also proud members of 1% for the Planet. For more information about the company, go to

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