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JAFRA Cosmetics Announces Men’s Skin Care Line Receives Seal From The Skin Cancer Foundation

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JAFRA(R) Cosmetics International, Inc. (JAFRA), a leader in the direct sales industry, announced that its Men Dynamics skin care collection has received the prestigious Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation, an independent institute that sets the industry standard for products that are safe and effective in providing sun protection.

With the addition of the Men Dynamics skin care line, JAFRA now has 100 cosmetic and skin care products that have been approved by The Skin Cancer Foundation to use its Seal of Recommendation. For easy identification, the Seal appears on the packaging of all approved JAFRA products.

“Consumers want to protect their skin from sun damage, but they cannot always determine which products will provide them with the best benefits,” said Pragna Chakravarti, JAFRA vice president and chief scientific officer.

“If a skin care product carries the Seal from The Skin Cancer Foundation, consumers can trust that it has passed a rigorous testing and evaluation process and has a minimum SPF of 15 or higher sun protection,” Chakravarti said. “JAFRA is pleased that all of the products it submitted to the Foundation have passed the review process and received the Seal,” Chakravarti said.

Founded in 1979, The Skin Cancer Foundation educates the public and the medical profession about skin cancer – the world’s most common cancer – that has reached epidemic levels in many countries. The non-profit foundation promotes the use of sun protection and the need for early skin cancer detection and prompt medical treatment.

To make identifying sun protection products easier, The Skin Cancer Foundation established its Seal of Recommendation program in 1981. The Seal quickly became a respected international standard for ensuring the safety and efficacy of ultraviolet (UV) protection. Products submitted for the Seal are reviewed by a five-member panel of physicians who are leading experts in the study of photobiology – the interaction of UV radiation and the skin. The panel considers scientific data and independent test results to ensure products meet their stringent criteria. Every product is monitored annually to guarantee it continues to meet Seal standards.

As it introduces new products or new formulations, JAFRA will continue to have its cosmetic and skin care products tested by The Skin Cancer Foundation for its Seal of Recommendation.

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