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Master Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Jim Piccolo Announces New Franchise Company, BizziBiz Franchise, Inc.

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Jim Piccolo, a prolific entrepreneur and philanthropist, has built many businesses in his career; however, he now announces his plans to divest in each of his former companies to turn his attention toward his newest and most promising venture – BizziBiz Franchise, Inc. – a digital marketing franchise that will launch January 1, 2011.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Jim Piccolo, a renowned visionary and entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in a wide variety of service and product industries, announces a new business venture, BizziBiz Franchise, Inc., that will launch in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 1, 2011. Piccolo’s creation is a franchise business model in one of the fastest growing industries today – digital marketing.  His video interview, available at, reveals his motivation and passion for this undertaking.

Designed to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses alike, the company’s franchisees will sell digital marketing services to businesses nationwide, with plans for worldwide expansion in early 2011.

As a venture capitalist who currently owns and/or operates several other existing businesses, Piccolo further shares the news that, in order to focus on BizziBiz Franchise, Inc., he will divest his interest in his other companies, including Nouveau Riche Corporation, Inc. It, Inc., The Real Market Experts Franchise, Inc., iWizard Technology, and others.

“With the demand and growth rate of digital marketing services and the success rates of franchise businesses, I see BizziBiz as the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” says Piccolo.  “It will require my full attention.”

According to the Small Business Administration, there are nearly 30 million small businesses in the USA alone, with over half a million new start-ups each year. In fact, eMarketer’s December 2009 estimate for online spending in the United States (that was revised from $23.6 billion to $25.1 billion by May 2010), indicates what many are calling massive growth. Amazingly, this number doesn’t even include mobile advertising.

Piccolo coupled that fact with the legitimacy of the franchise model, backed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s approximation that franchised businesses have a 97% success rate within 5 years of opening, as compared to non-franchised businesses having only a 48% success rate within their first 6 years.

Having experienced the challenge of finding a digital marketing solution for his own companies, Piccolo set out to build BizziBiz Franchise, Inc. “Because every business needs a superhero,” which has become the company’s tagline, BizziBiz Franchise, Inc. aims to empower small business owners by offering an affordable and accessible one-stop solution that will assist them in attracting, converting and retaining customers through a variety of digital marketing channels.

The franchise model is simple: franchisees sell digital marketing services to small businesses and all of the digital marketing services are fulfilled by BizziBiz; thus, allowing the franchisee to rely on the expertise and the economies of scale that BizziBiz can offer the small businesses.

To facilitate the sales of BizziBiz franchises, Piccolo created a franchise sales organization, known as Extreme Franchise Marketing (XFM). Through its Independent Business Consultants, XFM locates qualified franchisee candidates for BizziBiz and is also poised to offer additional franchise businesses in the future (see ).

“We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation … at BizziBiz, we’re committed to providing a cutting-edge system of products, services and training to help our franchisees and their small business customers achieve greater levels of success … and through our franchise sales system we will create additional entrepreneurial opportunities to fuel America’s economy,” says Jim Piccolo, CEO of BizziBiz Franchise, Inc. and Extreme Franchise Marketing.

Regarded as a master entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jim Piccolo has a keen vision and an uncanny ability to recognize and act on market opportunities quickly to create thriving businesses far ahead of the competition. His business experience spans more than twenty five years, ranging from President and Chief Executive Officer of a privately held multi-national manufacturing company to a publicly traded international marketing company with four wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States and international concerns. Renowned as a trend-setting, innovative marketer across numerous industries, Jim Piccolo’s accomplishments have earned him dozens of awards, including one of his companies being voted by Biz AZ Magazine as one of the “Coolest Places to Work” and Starlight Children’s Foundation’s “2010 Humanitarian of the Year Award” for his philanthropic work. In his newest business venture, BizziBiz Franchise, Inc., he will empower entrepreneurs and business owners through the advantageous and rapidly growing industry of digital marketing. To learn more about Jim Piccolo and BizziBiz Franchise, Inc. visit

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