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New Emblem Announces Neways’ Mission to the World

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SPRINGVILLE, UTAH (January 18, 2011)—With a new 16-foot-diameter logo now in place atop the company’s global corporate headquarters, Neways considers this landmark icon as symbolic of the company’s vision and focus for 2011 and beyond.

“The new sign symbolizes our ongoing rebranding process, which has been underway for some time now,” said CEO Scott St. Clair. “This beacon represents a new beginning and a fresh start for this global company. Our mission is clear, and our logo reflects it. Our safety-conscious products arise from the perfect blend of science and nature, and we create Neways Healthy Homes around the world.”

In addition, the new emblem reflects Neways’ commitment to the environment. In contrast with the previous neon version, the new LED logo provides double the brightness while using only one-fourth the power. Made using aluminum, the new image weighs only one-tenth as much as the previous sign, which gives the installation greater structural integrity.

As the centerpiece of the new feature, the Neways logo features inspiring, eye-catching imagery that tells a story. Neways’ safety-conscious ingredients and technologies are the backbone of every product, combining science and nature just as the logo’s double helix and leaf are joined together.

About Neways
Neways is dedicated to helping families transform their homes into Healthy Homes. With dozens of safe, effective nutritional and personal care products that are free of more than 3,000 questionable ingredients, the company has strived since 1992 to make the world a healthier place, one home at a time.

In addition to providing exclusive products, Neways enhances people’s lives with a home-based business opportunity. About 400,000 active Neways distributors share the products in 28 countries, with nearly half of the company’s annual revenues paid back to distributors as commissions.

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