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New Website Provides Businesses With Florida Legislative Insight

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~ Launch of provides small businesses with access to public policy expertise ~

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Florida’s small and mid-sized businesses now have a new, affordable option to navigate Florida’s legislative landscape., an electronic public policy monitoring website, launched on Friday and will serve as the latest option in lobbying referral services for any business looking to observe lawmaker actions which could potentially impact their respective industry. The website will also provide businesses outside of Florida with a better understanding of the Sunshine State’s political and business climate.

“ was created with our state’s diverse business community in mind,” said Pete Buigas, lobbyist and founder and president.  “This platform aims to make legislative activity in Florida understandable and user friendly. Companies throughout Florida are interested in how decisions made in Tallahassee impact their business’ bottom line and provides them that insight.”

The subscription-based website provides users with access to industry-specific legislation and relevant news clips to gauge the legislature’s temperature on a variety of issues. For a flat fee, companies are able to sign up for various services including bill reporting, lobbyist consultations and lobbyist referrals in an easy-to-use format. While the website plans to expand its services to include additional industries, currently focuses on the healthcare, education, legal reform, gaming, taxation, telecom, utilities, energy and insurance sectors.

“ will give companies the resources they need to make their voices heard in Tallahassee,” continued Buigas. “Until now, businesses large and small have not had affordable tools at their disposal to help them identify legislative issues which would impact the way they build their businesses.  Additionally, we envision this website as an invaluable tool for out-of-state entities to evaluate the business climate and determine if Florida is the best opportunity for future growth.” offers businesses an inside view of the legislative process and provides detailed information and lobbyist recommendations to fit each individual business’ needs. Various factors are considered with each new user including; an understanding of the company’s legislative goals and resources; an identification of key legislators; and lobbying firm recommendations based on their ability to effectively advocate the position of the particular company.

For more information, visit or follow them on twitter @FloridaLobby.


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