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Neways Europe Takes Ambitious Steps toward Environmental Goals

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SPRINGVILLE, UTAH (February 4, 2011)—Each year, Neways Europe uses about 1,000 kilos of air-cushioned packing material to protect products during shipment. Mindful of the environment, Neways has traditionally used clear, recyclable plastic materials to fill the extra space in shipping cartons. The company is pleased to announce that it has now switched to green packaging material that is even better for the environment.

“The new packing material is more environmental friendly because it contains at least 20 percent recycled post-consumer plastics, which leads to a 17 percent reduction in carbon emission,” says John Heuer, Logistics Manager of Neways Europe. “In addition, this new material is biodegradable. It’s another ambitious step toward our carbon output reduction goals.”

While the new air-cushioned packaging material is more expensive, Neways believes the environmental benefit is worth it. The new packaging is 98 percent air, so packages weigh less and transporting them burns less fuel and releases fewer carbon emissions. According to the manufacturer, when this material is exposed to microorganisms in nature, it degrades within 9 to 60 months without leaving behind any harmful residues.

“At Neways, we’re mindful that the way we do business directly affects nature,” says Slobodow. “We have always strived to be socially responsible and to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re continually looking for more ambitious ways to care for our environment, and each improvement makes a real difference.”

About Neways
Neways is dedicated to helping families transform their homes into Healthy Homes. With dozens of safe, effective nutritional and personal care products that are free of more than 3,000 questionable ingredients, the company has strived since 1992 to make the world a healthier place, one home at a time.

In addition to providing exclusive products, Neways enhances people’s lives with a home-based business opportunity. About 400,000 active Neways distributors share the products in 28 countries, with nearly half of the company’s annual revenues paid back to distributors as commissions

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