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RASTELLI DIRECT — Family Food & Income

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Stimulus Program With An Upside!

Logistics Infrastructure Developed For Worldwide Wholesale Supply Business Combines Online & Network Marketing To Create A New Food Distribution Model

SWEDESBORO, NJ 12/07/10 – American family food budgets are under attack. The fragile economy, persistent high unemployment, and food prices up 7% nationwide in recent years puts unprecedented pressure on households across the country. Moreover, the latest revelations regarding widespread food safety issues compounds the problem.

To meet this challenge Rastelli Foods Group, one of the world’s leading meat, seafood and specialty food processors and distributors, has launched

A vertically integrated, privately-held billion dollar enterprise, Rastelli is already a worldwide leading producer of top quality beef, specialty meats and seafood, with 20,000 accounts including steakhouses, restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, institutions and the US Military in 88 countries. gives consumers the opportunity to buy “restaurant quality” supplies of all of their favorite protein selections including beef, pork, chicken, turkey and seafood — in all popular market varieties including processed products like hamburgers and hot dogs — direct online for home delivery at prices competitive with supermarkets.

A growing variety of other food products — prepared foods, side dishes and desserts — including branded “restaurant only” selections, are also available through

In addition to the convenience of online shopping, home delivery, “restaurant quality” product and competitive pricing, regular monthly purchasers of orders have an opportunity to get their food orders for FREE if they refer four other families to join the program.

And if a customer wants to actively engage in the  program and build a network, they have the opportunity of earning significant recurring passive income.

The  is the most transparent and compelling form of network or relationship marketing. Unlike other similarly structured business models, Rastelli Direct is not selling discretionary purchase potions, lotions or trinkets. The product line is food which consumers already buy, often paying higher prices and always getting lesser quality!

There is no up-front purchase of product or payment required, beyond the food order which is consumed by each family. So there is no pressure from for customers to sign up new distributors, unless they are genuinely interested in pursuing the income opportunity.

The transfer expenditure aspect of the program and the income growth opportunity has already set apart from other network marketing programs. Whereas other similarly structured programs are 80 – 90 percent female, more than 50 percent of   members and Independent Business Partners (IBP) are men. The program also boasts a 25 – 60 age group as opposed to the older demographic typically attracted by these programs.

Most significantly, whereas an 80 percent dropout rate is typical in the multi-level marketing industry, after 6 months has an amazingly low 2 percent dropout rate.

“Unlike other network marketing programs which are based on selling products that are discretionary purchases like cosmetics, cleaning products or jewelry, we’re offering consumers something they need and must buy every week to feed their families,” says Ray Rastelli company CEO.

Many of the operational aspects of this program are based on the logistics infrastructure that Rastelli Foods Group has built to service its massive and international client base.

“We are very excited about the new initiative and believe it will offer convenience, savings and income opportunities for Americans caught in the current economic squeeze. It’s our own economic stimulus program for American families.”

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  • rycreed

    Ray and Tony Rastelli are proven business leaders who know what it takes to win. Ray’s first words to me when I came to work with Rastelli Direct: “Family is most important and have fun!” Words to live by.

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