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Small Business Themed Radio Program Launched by Keating Network

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CEO Howard Keating to host and offer qualified loans live on-air

DETROIT, Jan. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Howard Keating, CEO of the Keating Network, is launching a “business reality” satellite radio program on Jan. 24, which will simulcast on the Keating Network website.  The Keating Network, an advocate for small to medium businesses, aids in their growth through access to loans and other resources.

The show will air weekdays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. — the first hour on XM 158, simulcast on the Keating Network website, which will carry the remainder of the show. Keating, “The Voice of Small Business,” will welcome business and governmental leaders to the program in order to share their insights and resolve critical issues facing small business.

“The Howard Keating Show” is a fresh, new, solution-based approach by offering call-in advice and solutions live on air  — listening to deals being made with various small businesses, awarding loans, experts discussing the nuances of doing business, and many other opportunities. The show also offers access to government-backed loans, from $5,000 to $10 million. It has long been Keating’s stance that small to medium enterprises (SMEs) must grow for a successful national economy.

The interactive program will address issues plaguing small businesses and, in turn, the economy. The first hour — broadcast over Sirius XM channel 158 — will include expert guests offering professional advice. With 50 percent of new businesses failing within five years, guests will offer insights — and tips — on how they survived. The remaining two hours — broadcast via the Keating Network web site — will be dedicated to the detail these guests provided small business. As part of the program’s real-time business pulse, relevant conversations will be held during the program on the Keating Network web site and various social mediums.

About the Keating Network

The Keating Network describes itself as a movement gathered for the purpose of affecting change by the inclusion of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). There are 50 million SMEs in the U.S., comprising about 100 million employees, and millions more globally. Since the financial crisis, however, many SMEs have closed their doors. The Keating Network’s core mission is to be the voice for SMEs and help them grow through access to capital, education, and networking resources.

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