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Special Financing Option to Join Family IQ Now Offered by Terry Sauerbier

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Family IQ now more affordable to join thanks to an innovative financing offer by Terry Sauerbier, one of Family IQ’s top marketing members. New members can now finance licensing fee to get started at and finance licensing fee over 3 months.

DANSVILLE, NY, March 01, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — Terry Sauerbier announces special financing option for those interested in becoming an independent business consultant of Family iQ. This option is provided by those wishing to join Family IQ but may not have the funds available to start their Family IQ business.

By providing a financing option to join FamilyIQ, many people who may not have considered the Family IQ opportunity as a viable option and do not have the total amount of the Family IQ Business Builder package and licensing Fee on hand will now have the opportunity by taking advantage of this option provided by Terry Sauerbier.

The total fee to get started with Family IQ as an independent Business Consultant is $1495.00, Including the complete Business Builder package. This optional All-Inclusive package includes: FamilyIQ License Fee, My FamilyIQ Test (including eligibility for unlimited retakes), My FamilyIQ Learning Plan, Life Minders Application, The Core 5 Program, Activities and Articles Library, E-Business Kit, Personal Marketing Website, a Back Office, 1 Free FamilyIQ Seminar, 1 Free FamilyIQ Workshop, and 20 Product Point good toward the purchase of FamilyIQ courses, tests, articles, and audio resources.
An additional 20 FamilyIQ Product Bonus Points are awarded when you sign up for the AutoOrder Program.

As an IBO you earn from four compensation bonuses including Retail Sales, Fast Start Bonuses, Generational Fast Start Bonuses, and Unilevel Bonuses. As an IBO you are also eligilble for wholesale pricing on FamilyIQ products. IBO’s have access to all of this with your Family IQ Business.

For a person to get started as an IBO of Family IQ and start building their very Own Family IQ business, by taking advantage of this special financing, now one can start today for just $745.00! Yes, just $745.00 by acting on this special financing offer!

That”s more than 50% off initial start-up costs and become a fully licensed IBO of Family IQ! No where else is this offer being made at this time, IBO’s will have to pay FamilyIQ the $495.00 they require to access their website, software products and service, and then just $250.00 to join with this special financing offer. Terry Sauerbier will allow new IBO’s to pay $250.00 once a month, for the next three months thereafter.

For more information about the financing option, visit:

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