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Stardust Broadcasting Launches Exclusive Television Business Opportunity Leads Program For Home Business Owners

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GOLDEN, CO, January 23, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — Stardust Broadcasting with 23 years of producing and airing successful infomercials and commercials announced today the launching of a program to provide exclusive television leads to home business owners. Tony Alberti, President of Stardust Broadcasting explained ” We have over the years in working with home business owners proven that television leads are the highest quality and produce the most revenue of any lead source. Those that have responded to our customer commercials are highly motivated to start to generate money from home. Our TV lead program for home business owners is called MLM2000, and provides a professional script tailored to the specific business opportunity, a unique 60 second commercial unique to the specific MLM opportunity, and air it 2,000 times to total of over 80 million households and 140 cities. Typically in these ads we never mention the name of the business opportunity, just describe the general industry and selling points of the program and drive viewers to either a phone number or a web site owned by our client. This eliminates any conflict with the “parent” company”
Mr. Alberti continued “The total cost of MLM2000 is $9,500 and all income generated from the 2,000 airings will belong to the client. According to our feedback, for a typical home business just by signing up 24 new prospects will create a break even, and everything on top of that is pure profit. Additionally, the branding and excitement caused by a home business owner having their commercial shown nationally often results in recruiting events structured around the commercial further adding to the profitability.”

Mr. Alberti added “To sweeten the pot for MLM2000 launch, we will at no additional cost deliver 3,000 contextual home business opportunity prospects directly to our client’s web site. These contextual prospects are generated by our internet lead generation subsidiary and the combined television/internet approach should be a big money maker for our MLM2000 clients”.

About Stardust Broadcasting.

Stardust Broadcasting is a media company that has been delivering innovative marketing solutions to our clients for over 23 years. Throughout this period, Stardust has built excellent relations with large networks and production studios. These trusted relationships and the continual stream of successful products we represent allow us the leverage with networks that benefit our clients. Stardust has produced and aired hundreds of commercials and infomercials and our infomercial for Dermal Tone in the 2000’s sold over $100 million of product.

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