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Steve Kimball Capitalizing on the Network Marketing Home Based Business Industry to Fight the Sluggish Economy

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Steve Kimball, a seasoned network marketer and creator of The Home Wealth Builder Marketing, is on a mission to help others effected by the sluggish economy by offering the resources necessary for building a successful network marketing business.

HAMILTON, OH, February 24, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the new year is in full swing, resolutions are all but forgotten, many people are already excepting on going global turmoil and financial distress as just a nightmarish continuation of the previous year. Promises of job growth and economic recovery seem to only offer a small glimmer of hope for those struggling to survive in these uncertain times. People are getting tired of being tired and emotionally worn out waiting for something to happen that will change everything.

It is this tired worn out emotion that is the kindling for the growing number of people choosing to take control of their own financial destiny. In these uncertain times there is one thing that is certain and that is the network marketing home based business is seeing exponential growth. The industry which was formally known for its vitamins lotions, and potions is know producing companies offering much needed, long overdue, financial education and wealth management products designed to help ordinary people build long term lasting wealth.

Steve Kimball, CEO and founder of The Home Wealth Builder and seasoned network marketer, had this to say about the growth in the industry. “It is time for people to take back their lives and start living on their own terms. Business has always been about timing and the timing is right for ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results in both their business and their lives. It is time for all of us to quit trying to play a new game with the old rule book”. Steve went on to say, “The internet is the new platform for building a profitable home business, financial education is the antidote for excessive debt. These are the simple rules of the new game.”

While the rest of the world struggles and hopes for miracles there are a growing number of people possessing the entrepreneurial mind who are thriving in their very own network marketing home business absolutely relishing in the opportunity of a life time the global economy has created.

Steve Kimball created his company The Home Wealth Builder as a result of working long years in the home building industry to see it totally wiped out as result of the devastated housing market. Steve knows what it’s like first hand to feel the pain that others are feeling that have found themselves in similar situations. He offers his services and the services of his company as a way for people to get a complete business model, education, resources and ongoing support they require to build their own network marketing home based business no matter what their level of experience may be.

The Home Wealth Builder provides a home business opportunity and the resources and education for developing entrepreneurs. For further information you can contact Steve Kimball by going to


Editors Note:  Readers: Be wary of any company that says they’ll tell you how to make 50,000 dollars in any amount of time.  Especially if they send out press releases saying one person created a company but the company “web site” has a completely different name.  We’re not saying this deal is a scam; we’re just saying do your homework before you shell out any money.

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