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symbeo – Offering Unlimited Doctor Visits for $40/Person/Month

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Welcomes Its 500th Member in Bloomfield, NJ

BLOOMFIELD, N.J., May 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — symbeo is proud to announce that we welcomed our 500th member last week — an important milestone for us as an innovative healthcare startup on a mission to provide affordable, high quality primary care, with no insurance required.  “As we celebrate our one year anniversary, we are thrilled by the enthusiastic and warm reception we’ve gotten from the community,” says co-Founder Axel Lapica.  “Word-of-mouth has been growing and referrals from satisfied customers drive a significant portion of our new members – a testament to our great service and the real need we’re addressing in the marketplace,” says co-Founder Eduardo Cisneros.

An Essex County-based company, symbeo provides preventive and primary care for about $40 per person per month.  symbeo members get unlimited visits to a family doctor, no co-pays and no health insurance required.

To learn more about what 500 of your neighbors already know or to sign up, please:

What exactly does symbeo offer?

  • Unlimited office visits to a family doctor with no co-pays
  • Unlimited access via e-mail to a family doctor for answers to health questions.
  • Unlimited access to educational sessions on common ailments (e.g., diabetes, hypertension).
  • Significant discounts on blood work, pap smears, medications & imaging (i.e., x-rays, etc.)

Also, symbeo members receive unparalleled service, including:

  • 30-minute consultations, always.
  • Convenient hours, nights, mornings, and Saturdays.
  • No double booking means you don’t have to wait to see the doctor.
  • Beautiful facility so you feel comfortable when you go to the doctor.

About symbeo

symbeo was started by two Wharton MBAs in partnership with three forward-thinking physicians with the ultimate goal of reinventing the primary care delivery model.  symbeo has redesigned the service offering and business model from the ground up, resulting in a unique and vastly improved experience versus your typical doctor’s office.

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