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The Biggest Clearance Goes Global

Post Rating: has now finally announced going worldwide. The service allows wholesalers and businesses to liquidate and clear any excess stock, bankrupted stock, clearance stock, overstock or closeouts and easily sell or find its buyer worldwide through its large wholesale trading network.

LONDON, March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — now finally announces going global. After the previous success of the European B2B marketplace and the online platform for trading wholesale clearance, overstock, surplus and liquidation, The Biggest Clearance started working on its worldwide version.

Based on customer demands, the Marketplace is now officially ready and features more wholesale suppliers, sellers and buyers from all over the world.

The service allows wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and liquidators to easily trade and sell their excess stock, overstocks, clearance stock and liquidations worldwide and find wholesale buyers now on a much larger scale.

Overstock, excess stock, bankrupt stock, liquidated stock, surplus stock, customer returns, out of season stock, you name it, this might be a common issue but also a costly problem for several wholesale and retail businesses, suppliers or even manufacturers.

Most companies from time to time end up with overstocks, surplus goods, liquidated goods and excess stock lots. Stock Clearance is a process by which companies free up the valuable money and space. Reasons leading to stock clearance could be cancelled orders or late deliveries, closing down of the businesses, bankruptcy, over-production, customer returns, refurbished stock etc.

This stock literally means dead cash that is taking up much needed space in the warehouse and is mostly losing its market value, being literally a nightmare to many entrepreneurs. The stock needs to be cleared out and find its buyer.

“So how to turn the warehouse leftovers back to cash?” The answer to this question might be simpler then we’d actually think.

The Biggest Clearance –, as its name already suggests, has a lot to offer.

The online B2B e-marketplace is really the biggest clearance as it features the latest liquidation sales, clearance stock offers, overstock, closeouts, excess stock and wholesale deals from many major sellers, wholesale suppliers, liquidators, retailers and manufacturers.

“We came up with a solution to this problem and give the entrepreneurs and businesses an online space and trading network to actively turn their surplus into cash, find buyers for their surplus stock and make new business contacts. For many business, this could completely open up bigger doors to many new business opportunities and relations,” explains Eric Randolf, Managing Director and CEO of the company.

“By spreading our service all over the world, sellers and suppliers can now easily market their overstocks globally and find a potential buyer much faster and sell their excess stock thanks to our constantly growing network and its buying power.”

The Biggest Clearance launched back in 2008, in the time of the biggest economic crisis, working closely with manufacturers, liquidators, bankrupted businesses, wholesalers, distributors and retailers to help them deal with and sell their bankrupt stock and merchandise of almost any kind and description that won’t or couldn’t be sold through the regular retail channels.

“We had as many daily enquiries as the sea has fish,” commented Randolf.

These included merchandise from inventory overruns, closeouts, clearances or packaging changes as well as goods from bankruptcies, stock liquidations, receiverships and insurance claims. However a great percentage of the goods sold still came from healthy manufacturers and retailers who occasionally need help clearing overstock and excess stock inventories.

After a massive demand from many frustrated suppliers trying to get rid of their overstock, the company came up with the idea of going online, accessing more wholesale sources and suppliers and obviously more buyers.

The company launched its first online Marketplace in 2009 – The Marketplace was firstly dedicated only to European Union countries and EU markets for the free trade of goods and was soon adopted by many European businesses to help them clear out their warehouses. Due to the unexpected success, 2 years later in 2011, the e-marketplace expanded to the whole world.

Today The Biggest Clearance Markeplace offers a great source of daily wholesale deals worldwide. The number of suppliers selling their stock and the demand from the buyers is constantly growing.
“We managed to establish a rich network of buyers searching the website every day for the new wholesale deals and sellers keeping the website busy with new surplus stock offers that are up for the sale,” commented Eric Randolf.

The Biggest Clearance really is the biggest clearance and a powerful platform filled up with great daily wholesale deals and offers from a wide selection of categories that cannot be missed and are attracting thousands of potential buyers in a single day.

Please feel free to visit The Biggest Clearance at


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