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Want to Tell the President, the Mayor, Your Professor or Boss Exactly What You Think?

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Fastnote launches America’s opportunity to speak its mind

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — The ability to share your thoughts directly with elected officials, politicians, pollsters, professors, employers, your boss or even someone you know has just changed forever. Richard Shaffner, president and founder of Fastnote LLC today announced: Fastnote, a great new way to communicate online — directly, civilly and in a constructive manner.

Will it replace other forms of social media?  Not likely.  Those are good for connecting with one’s friends.  Fastnote is different — it is for reaching out to everyone else and telling them what you think.  It is also a more effective way of aggregating ALL points of view, not just those of your friends or colleagues.

Most importantly Fastnote will democratize your ability to share your views with leading opinion makers across the country, shape what your employer thinks about the company you work for, and give you the ability to share on one site what you might need dozens of different sites to share.

With Fastnote you can:

  • Write to anyone or any group without knowing contact information or being a “friend” or “follower”
  • Get honest and candid feedback
  • Read interesting and funny comments — to and from anyone
  • Gain rapid insights into how others view someone you support or someone you don’t
  • See everyone’s candid feedback, unlike other popular forms of social media

Fastnote features:

  • Civil, anonymous notes to individuals and organizations
  • User voting — Agree, Disagree, Funny, Well Said — and User comments
  • Community pages for college, business and government communities — where the community members’ names and notes are grouped together for everyone to read
  • Content moderated by the users
  • Tools for demographic and trend analysis

“Fastnote gives people new ways to communicate that no other site offers,” Shaffner said. “You can tell anyone what’s on your mind, make suggestions, share feedback, and learn what people are saying.” You can view Fastnote at

Uses for Fastnote

  • Tell a politician, TV star, or athlete what you think
  • Tell your boss what you think
  • Thank someone and recognize their accomplishments
  • Praise someone publicly
  • Get feedback from customers and associates
  • Read what classmates have to say to a professor
  • See what’s hot in your community or across the country
  • Get quotes for news stories and blogs

“It’s important to us to make Fastnote a civil site — one that everyone is comfortable using,” Shaffner said. “Even though all notes must be anonymous, the site will be moderated to maintain content quality.” One rationale behind the “ground rules” for a civil site is to also help the country return to a more civil dialogue. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun or approach your comments with vigor, but they must be civil in order to participate.

Shaffner said he got the idea for this start-up during the 2008 election when he realized he couldn’t easily tell candidates and the media what he thought.  “The media paradigm is from them to us – we do all the listening,” Shaffner said.  “Fastnote turns that around.”  Now you can share Shaffner’s dream of having a place where you get to tell anyone else exactly what you think.

About Fastnote is America’s newest and soon to be number one forum for sharing your point of view with politicians, policy makers, professors, your boss, or anyone else you’d like to share your opinion with. After months of testing Fastnote is positioned to take the social media space by storm and more directly inform politicians and key influencers in a more direct way. Fastnote, LLC is a privately held development company. Richard Shaffner serves as President and has a 30 year career in marketing and private equity.

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