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Welcome To The Revolution

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With technology moving at light speed, it can be difficult to keep up with what new products and services are out there but here’s one company you won’t want to miss.

Introducing Triniti Communications; an amazing new technology company that sells everything from phones to household electronic control devices (Nuclius), to unlimited international calling from your mobile phone (Spirit World). Triniti’s own exclusive brand of mobile phones (Spirit) are produced in the same factory as smartphone devices from Apple, HTC, and Samsung, and they will be one of the first companies to offer premium grade HD IPTV service, with movie and TV show rentals and much more, in a completely portable device.

You won’t be stuck to the cable in your wall and you won’t be tied to the dish hanging on your roof. Wanna watch the big game or the latest movie but your friends don’t have Pay-Per-View or the channels you need? Your Nuclius device can do all of that with the quality of satellite with the dependability of cable at the price of a mobile phone plan. With built in hard drives in the Terabytes and CD, DVD, Blu-ray, 3D capability, and integrated VoIP digital phone service (GeneSys), there’s not a lot this little box can’t do.

TrinitiComm was founded by Darin Miller officially in 2008 but they had actually been in business putting things together since ’03. Miller has been in the telecommunications industry for over 15 years and comes with a leadership background from both AT&T and Excel Telecommunications. After Excel was purchased by a “subsidiary of a subsidiary” of AT&T in Canada and their whole income opportunity component declined into oblivion, Miller was inspired to become an entrepreneur and do things the right way. And it appears that he has.

Miller feels that US communications and entertainment technologies are considerably behind other industry markets: Europe and Asia. He feels his technology and services will finally bring the US to the forefront so we can run with the big dogs where we should be.

So, why haven’t you probably heard of them yet? There’s a lot of risk involved for start-ups of this nature as well-funded and large corporations have creative ways to hinder or stall a company’s progress and entry into competition with them, if things aren’t done properly and strategically.

“Going up against the big boys. It’s never been done before the way we are doing it. Respecting, but not fearing, our large competition’s crushing power is the main reason we have been very discreet over the years. We didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon. We needed to fly under the radar until the time was right. I call it, “Business Ninjitsu”. Never let them see you until you have the sword at their jugular and by then: it’s too late.”

There’s still a lot of caution involved on other fronts, however, as witnessed by a mid to late 2010 attack on the company. Virtual rumors were being spread all over review sites and chats rooms; with claims ranging from things like the owners of the company not being US-based, services being sold but not available, and, worse, people not being paid under the company’s comp plan.

Yep, I said it. Comp plan. Oh and before I go get into that, I must add that investigations by TrinitiComm corporate into these erroneous statements uncovered that their true origin was from active members of competing MLM companies who were attempting to discredit Triniti to boost their own businesses growth. So both traditional and network marketing companies have a sore spot for Triniti Communications.

Watching corporate leadership cave into the pressure of the competition and a multi-billion dollar payday, he was propelled to start his own company. Companies like Sprint, MCI, and Excel were all MLM companies in the beginning; it’s a fairly common way for a telecommunications company to get started. Triniti is a direct sales company because they believe in their products and services. They wanted a sales method that would allow them to reward people for helping themselves and others to save and make money; with services that people use everyday without even thinking about it. They believe that consumers need to wake up and collectively redirect the flow of those service dollars to themselves instead. That is where the true power for change resides.

“The whole concept of being in business for yourself and eliminating all of the ridiculous, out-of-pocket expenses associated with your wireless, home phone, TV, etc. is a revolutionary and very attractive concept. And, the timing couldn’t be better in this fierce economic climate,” said Miller.

But the company couldn’t just launch when it was founded. Miller had learned plenty through his years of experience and knew that he needed to have everything in place before they launched. Especially in the MLM communications space, where many a fraudulent companies come and go. He started with test marketing the GeneSys phone service and the MLM income opportunity system. With that and a few Independent Consultants (aka Family Members at Triniti), they began getting everything in place and tweaking and refining systems and processes. They listened to their test market and the thoughts of representatives to make sure the brand was being built properly, enforcing strong customer service and driven by an income opportunity and compensation system that was second to none.

After years of research and planning, and millions of dollars later, TrinitiComm is prepared to launch on January 1st, 2012. Perfect timing to usher in a new year and a new Revolution of digital services and financial freedom.

For more information on Triniti Communications and their products and services, check out their website at For more information about their income opportunity and comp plan, please visit

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  • Donan Stevens

    So has anybody actually used their services? Anybody know how good this company is?

    • theshack101

      Yeah i so agree I’m wondering the same thing Donan the thing is how do you know for sure its the real deal for the services they coming out with what is fishy to me is that they can provide a channel listings for their HDTV on the USA site but not for Canadians or will it be the same channels here i highly doubt that but i guess anything is possible I’m just waiting on this one and seeing if anything good will come from it.

  • fancyNancy

    For the last year or two, I’ve been debating a landline versus cell phone for my kids who are now old enough to stay home alone for short periods. Triniti has unlimited VoIP for only 20 bucks a month so me and my husband are signing up.

    Forget you, landline that only has emergency calls and ten bucks of fees. Forget you, cell phone companies that won’t let you start an account for less than 50 bucks a month. What’s really nice is that now I won’t have to worry about text messages and charging cell phones. Stick it on the kids computer and I have peace of mind. I’m totally looking forward to Triniti launch.

  • noellel

    Revolutionary High-Definition TV Service via Nuclius (ONLY Triniti has this)

    Say Goodbye to Your Cable or Satellite Company! and Hello to the Nucleus of Your Unified Digital World!
    People are completely fed up with the rising cost and often deteriorating service provided by our cable and satellite TV providers. Up until now there has been little to no viable alternatives for these services because these companies have either monopolized their markets or are in markets where all of the competition is just more of the same with a different name. Well, all of this is about to change in an extremely profound way. And just how profound you ask? Very.

    Triniti Communications International will soon be unveiling our revolutionary, completely portable, High Definition IPTV service that will provide you with access to hundreds of standard and premium HD television channels, 3D* HD channels, thousands of Internet TV channels, Video-On-Demand, Pay Per View, HD DVR functionality, digital music channels, HD movie and TV show rentals, web browsing and much, much more. Enjoy it all in stunning 720p, 1080i or 1080p HD format, streamed directly across your high-speed Internet connection to your HDTV. Click the “Overview Video” tab above to watch a brief 5 minute overview video.
    Change is here and it is called Nuclius™. Nuclius will completely revolutionize the way you think about and use digital entertainment, communications, security and automation technology in and around your home.

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