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When It Comes to Beauty Products, Women Would Rather Go Without Coffee, Chocolate and Yes, Even Sex, Than Their Favorite Beauty Products

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First Annual Spring Survey from L’Bel Highlights Women’s Attitudes on Beauty, Products and Lifestyle – from What Women Can and Can’t Go Without to this Season Must-Haves

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — According to a recent national survey* commissioned by L’Bel USA, women are willing to sacrifice coffee, chocolate, and even sex for one week rather than their favorite beauty product, and more likely to let an airline security take a pair of beloved shoes and/or jeans, than give up their favorite skincare and/or makeup items.  The findings are just two of many unique insights gathered by the international luxury beauty brand from a survey of more than 1,300 American women age 18 and older.

“Women not only want beauty products that make them feel radiant inside and out, but products that are customized for their skin and lifestyle. It’s no surprise they would rather go without a few of life’s other simple pleasures. Once you find a product you love, that’s affordable and works, you never want to let it go,” said John Krites, L’Bel USA’s beauty expert.

With its parent corporation Belcorp being the 3rd largest skincare company in South America and having over 40 years of beauty experience and success, L’Bel USA commissioned the survey to gain a better understanding of women’s attitudes on beauty and lifestyle, and the products that are top of mind for women this spring. Other findings include:

  • Beauty products play an important role in women’s lives, with the majority reporting that they carry a make-up/skincare related product in their purse regularly. Three-quarters of women (76%) report that they carry a make-up/skincare related product in their purse regularly, with lipstick/lip gloss (63%) topping the list of beauty-related items.
  • The top ranked item that women report is a “must-have” when they go out at night is their lipstick/lip gloss. Six in ten (59%) women prefer lip gloss to lotion (17%), fragrance (12%), foundation/concealer (9%) and mascara (6%).
  • Fragrance is the number one item on which women would splurge their paycheck. An estimated 25% of women would use their paycheck to splurge on fragrance. One in ten women says that if they could use their paycheck to splurge on one beauty product, they would choose foundation/concealer (12%) or lotion (10%).

New Beauty Products

“It’s been a long, cold winter. Women want to feel radiant and alive this spring, and what better products to help them do just that, than a fabulous plumping lip gloss while they’re out with their friends, or a fragrance that dares her to imagine all the possibilities made possible by Spring’s arrival,” said Krites.

With fragrance and skincare being among women’s top must haves, L’Bel USA has several new products available, including two new fragrances, Illimitee for women, and 1200 degrees C for men, as well as a new renewing and perfecting facial treatment cream, Neuvive Si.

  • Illimitee , the new fragrance for women, is a floral-woody scent laced with a hint of German Iris. From the fragrance house of Firmenich, created by Ilas Ermenidis, its diverse aroma is sweet, velvety, and slightly citric.
  • 1200 degrees C , the new fragrance for men, has a combination of strength and energy that emphasizes the scent’s power, which derives its name from the heat of lava. From the fragrance house of Firmenich, created by Richard Herpin, the scent is both spicy and smoky.
  • NeuviveSi a wonderful new skincare treatment, uses biosilicium technology to encourage the skin’s cellular renewal cycle, Neuvive Si stimulates the protection of skin renovation, protects the skin giving it a renewed appearance, and eliminates and removes dead cells without irritation.

Business Opportunities for Women

While the new survey explored women’s passion for their favorite products, it also evaluated the influence of others in making a purchasing decision. According to the survey, over half of women (52%) reported that beauty consultants / salespersons were an important influence in helping them to make knowledgeable decisions about their beauty product purchases.

L’Bel USA understands the power of relationship and has built their business on the dynamic ability of women’s ability connect to other women. Through a unique direct selling model, L’Bel’s products are available both online and through a team of nationwide beauty advisors.

“Women become Independent L’Bel Beauty Advisors because they love our products and it is easy to be an evangelist of L’Bel products. We know that women want to do something with their lives that brings them deep fulfillment. Whether it’s being a full-time mom, a career change, economic stability for themselves or their families, or simply to connect to women with similar interests, L’Bel USA’s selling model gives them that opportunity,” said Amanda Thompson, US Sales Director for L’Bel USA. “L’Bel USA presents a real business opportunity for women that can help them change their financial future, expand their business knowledge, build confidence, and/or promote career and family desires.”

* Survey Methodology – the online survey was conducted using the field services of TNS. The study reached a national sample of 1,321 American women ages 18 and older. The margin of error for the total sample is +/-2.7% at the 95% confidence level.

About L’Bel USA

L’Bel USA is Ventura International Ltd., a Delaware corporation, and a subsidiary of Belcorp International, Ltd., an private, multi-brand, international corporation with decades’ worth of experience in developing and selling products in skin care, makeup, fragrance, body care and hair care.  Belcorp has operations in 15 countries including Central, South and North America.  L’Bel products are available through direct sales from more than 840,000 Independent L’Bel Beauty Advisors worldwide in Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela and multi-level in the United States. L’Bel U.S.A. headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.  For more information about L’Bel USA and L’Bel products, visit, on Facebook at and on Twitter at @LbelUSA.



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