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Your Co-worker May Be a Serial Killer, Says ‘Sellionaire’ Author Antonio Clyde Smith

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Protect Yourself by Starting Your Business, Says Sales Trainer and Business Strategist Antonio Clyde Smith

ATLANTA, Dec. 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Recently a 56-year-old resident of Panama City, Florida, opened fire at a school board meeting after his wife was fired from her job, later turning the gun on himself. In Connecticut a man shot eight people at a beer distributor before killing himself.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report dated July 14, 2010, an average of 564 workplace homicides occurred each year during the five-year period 2004-2008, accounting for 10 percent of all 5,600 fatal work injuries. That’s approximately 16 work-related fatalities every day.

“These numbers are alarming,” says Antonio Clyde Smith, author of The Sellionaire. “A guy gets laid-off and a few hours later he’s back in black, toting a machine gun and killing people. Workers don’t realize that when they leave their homes and families for jobs everyday, they might not make it home alive. It’s an unnecessary risk. Other opportunities to make a living exist – opportunities to earn more with greater freedom. People just need to look at things differently.” For a copy of The Sellionaire, visit

With a national unemployment rate hovering around 10% and with an average of 9 seekers per job opening, stress levels will only get worse and the number of work-related incidents more extreme.

“The answer is self-employment,” added Antonio. “A recent Gallop poll put the number of people wanting to start their own business at 57 percent. Now is the time to do it. Many companies are tightening their belts, adding masses to the unemployment lines. Why not see downsizing as an opportunity rather than an unfortunate consequence?”

We live in an increasingly virtual world, allowing for more opportunity to engage in virtual enterprise, all from the comfort of your home office.

Home businesses are a low-risk answer to an age-old question: ‘How can I make more money with the freedom to enjoy it?'” said Smith. “There’s been a huge shift in the way consumers do business. Face-to-face meetings are becoming unnecessary. Consumers have become comfortable purchasing online, creating greater opportunities for home-based businesses. And working at home can be a lot safer. Instead of looking for a job that will keep you in traffic and away from your family, look for an opportunity to stay home and earn more. Your family will love you for it.”

Antonio Smith has been featured on CNBC and MarketWatch, and in publications such as the Boston Business Journal, Atlanta Business Chronicle, and AOL Daily Finance. To book Antonio Smith on your network or for an interview:

Antonio Clyde Smith, Sales Trainer & Business Strategist

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