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Plugins Your WordPress Site Needs

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Does your business have a website?  Is it “powered by WordPress?”  If so, there are tons of resources available to you through usage of this software.  One of these resources is plugins; additional software designed to enhance or expand WordPress’s default functionality.  Many of these pieces of software are also free, just like WordPress.

You may find yourself saying: “Neat, what can I do with this?”  You can enhance all aspects of your site, from search engine optimization to security, capturing user data, tracking link clicks, sharing your information, and making it available to additional viewing platforms.

Here are some plugins your site needs:
Akismet – One of the leading anti-spam plugins to protect your site from spam comments on posts.  This plugin utilizes the Akismet Application Programming Interface to monitor comments for pages and/or posts on your site as they come in and is also created by Matt, one of the founding developers of WordPress.

WordPress SEO – Presence is everything in today’s web-based world and this plugin can help you get found.  Not only does it optimize your site, but also provides you with a way to preview how your pages/posts are going to appear in a search.  This allows you to format the content so it’s contextually relevant in the searches you’re hoping to rank high on, not to mention it was created by the best ranked WordPress SEO consultant.

CForms II – Need a web form on your site?  Look no further, CForms II provides an awesome drag-and-drop interface for designing them in your site’s dashboard and integrates with the Tiny-MCE text editor you’re using to edit content.  This makes adding a form to pages/posts simpler than ever.  In addition, the plugin allows you to track form submissions in your site’s database and can also export your form results into several formats including Microsoft’s Excel.

WPTouch – This great plugin provides an interface between your website and mobile devices.  When activated, WPTouch will provide a simple and easy to use mobile formatted version of your site.  In addition, the “pro” (commercial) version of this plugin also allows you to provide device specific formatting meaning that your site could have individualized special formatting for blackberry, apple, and google devices.

SexyBookmarks – A great plugin for offering links to share across dozens of social platforms on every page/post contained in your site and comes highly configurable.  The analytics on your site’s content is free of charge; so, when people start sharing posts or pages it tracks that people have shared the content.

Ultimate Google Analytics – Use Google Analytics?  This plugin is for you.  With an easy-to-use settings page in your WordPress dashboard, you’ll be able to get analytics running on your site in no time without editing any code.  Once you’ve configured the plugin, it will automatically add the appropriate code that allows Google to begin recording analytics on your site.

This is only a handful of the plugins available to you as the owner/operator of a WordPress site, check out the plugin repository to further maximize your site and company’s online opportunities.

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