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Simplify to Innovate

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I can’t tell you how many WordPress blogs I’ve built for myself. Each time, I would spend an eternity adding widgets, gadgets and custom code so that it looked and felt exactly like I want.

I spent so much time fidgeting with each one that I never actually blogged anything.

So, to resolve my issue of “analysis paralysis” I scrapped WordPress and started a Tumblr blog in 10 minutes…and here I am. Not to say that you can’t do that with a WordPress blog…I am saying “I” couldn’t. The constant draw to get under the hood was too appealing, and it gave me an excuse not to blog.

The moral of this story is, innovation requires simplification.

Just because you are good at tinkering, doesn’t mean that the constant bucket of bolts is doing you any good unless you actually do something with it. The wrench in your hand (or the code in my case) may be an obstacle to your progress.

Well, that was liberating.

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