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‘Buzz Snatching’ Facebook Group Helps Small Business Owners Generate Free Publicity

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DENVER, Feb. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A new Facebook group, Buzz Snatching, is teaching small business owners, authors, entrepreneurs, consultants and others who need greater visibility how to become publicity magnets.

In addition to tutoring group members on the innovative Buzz Snatching techniques, the Buzz Snatching Facebook group also facilitates so-called “Buzz Choruses,” in which group members harmonize their actions to call public attention to one another.

“If a tree falls in a forest and all the other trees gossip about it, does it make a noise? You bet it does. It makes a thunderous, clapping roar,” explains Dean Rotbart, originator of Buzz Snatching.

Rather than each individual small business owner or other publicity-seeker working in isolation to generate visibility, the Buzz Snatching Facebook group utilizes a “strength-in-numbers” approach. Group members synchronize their efforts to help focus public attention on each member’s publicity efforts.

“In essence, the other trees in the forest are helping Buzz Snatching members to spread their news, which ripples across the Internet and the bricks-and-mortar universe,” Rotbart notes. “If you promote our stories, we will all promote yours” is a simple way of phrasing the concept.

Buzz Choruses are just one of many tools and proven methods available to Buzz Snatching Facebook group members. Every other week, Buzz Snatching hosts a free 30-minute tele-workshop that zeroes in on specific ways to generate no-cost buzz.

Membership in the Buzz Snatching Facebook group is free. To join, visit the page at and click on the “Like” button. After joining, members are encouraged to introduce themselves to the group.

The full Buzz Snatching method combines cutting-edge strategic media relations with innovative uses of social media, dedicated websites, event planning, content creation, and face-to-face networking. The goal, says Rotbart, is to “grab more than your fair share of the public’s attention and loyalty.”

Companies throughout the United States and as far away as New Zealand are benefiting from their membership in the Facebook Buzz Snatching group. A sampling of the diverse group of quality Buzz Snatchers includes:

  • Huthmaker Fine Violins – Purveyors of quality violins and other quality string instruments, serving discriminating musicians in the Southeastern United States and throughout the country. (Atlanta)
  • Creative Lighting – Family-owned since 1926, providing high-touch personal service along with an impressive selection of home lighting and decoration. (St. Paul)
  • Prosound – experts in delivering turnkey systems for transforming the customer experience via on-hold messaging, automated call greeting design, and phone etiquette training. (Virginia)
  • Timeless Cool Music – a fresh music radio format attracting upscale listeners using a balance of contemporary artists, such as Michael Buble and Diana Krall. (Wisconsin)
  • Carr Knowledge Interactive Marketing & Advertising – offering innovative solutions to business problems and providing a road map to success. (Seattle/Portland)
  • Numericorp – a select consulting and tax practice providing executive-level strategy and advice to dynamic business leaders, headed by John Groom. (Austin)
  • Trail Dames – an increasingly popular women’s hiking club with chapters and members spreading out across the country.  (Atlanta)
  • Concinnity Services – a nationally prominent law firm management consultancy founded in 1984, and headed by Carolyn Thornlow. (New York)

Many members of the Buzz Snatching Facebook group have attended Rotbart’s 2-day live Buzz Snatching workshops, during which each member develops a publicity-generating project and then crafts a game plan to bring the concept to fruition.

Rotbart, a veteran journalist and tier-one media relations consultant, has helped hundreds of name brand companies – and those that aspire to be name brand companies – raise their visibility well beyond expectations.

Rotbart is the founder and executive editor of, which provides detailed, unauthorized dossiers on more than 7,000 of the world’s most influential journalists. NewsBios was launched in 1987 and serves major global corporations and public relations agencies.

The next live Buzz Snatching workshop will be held June 6th and June 7th in Denver. Registration information is available by calling 1-866-NEWS-070, ext. 1.

In addition to its Facebook page at, the group also maintains a Twitter account at


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