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Catalyst X Media Launches the World’s Biggest Video Contest

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Catalyst X Media, a viral marketing firm from Ontario, Canada that has continually been making headlines for the past number of months, launches what they are calling the World’s Biggest Video Contest

LONDON, Ontario, April 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — It is no surprise the popularity of online video has been growing by the masses over the past decade. Catalyst X Media once again stepped out of the box to spread a message virally around the World by now releasing what they are calling the World’s Biggest Video Contest. Catalyst X Media has been most recently brought to viral fame from one of their own, Troy James who has been working with a global icon of sorts, Max Keiser. James had taken notice to Keiser’s rants on the Alex Jones Show last November and asked if he could use them along with Keiser’s image to create and sell customized silver bullion rounds to help promote and market a start-up penny auction. The bullion, the related videos and Max’s fame has blown up in popularity over night and since then James has continued to be a behind the scenes marketer for Keiser’s campaign messages.

This recent project will have interested contestants creating Internet videos around a particular message that James has laid out in the official rules of the contest. James has been what he calls a guerrilla marketing veteran for over 16 years. He was quoted as saying, “We wanted the people around the World to take notice of what’s happening around them. The only way you can truly hit home with a message of this size is to go viral more so than any other message before.” He was quick to not expand on what the message was and said, “You will have to sign up at to find out more.”

The intro video to the contest says the prize pool could reach into the millions. Jason Springett, Catalyst X Media’s founder said “this is based off of a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the Silver Keisers”, a pure silver bullion created by the company “and proceeds from Troy James’ new “How to Create a Viral Video” ecourse which will only be marketed to the people that sign up for the contest.

The videos are judged by a panel yet to be named, based on the quality of content in the videos, number of video views and number of video “likes.” The contest starts today and runs until Sunday, July 17th, 2011. The actually judging of the contest will be completed by Friday, July 22nd at 5pm where they will name the top 5 winners.

Troy James’ ecourse shows people how to step by step create a video from scratch with no experience, how to create their own video channel, how to market the video and how to make an Internet income from the use of videos. Springett went on to say, “This course is coming from the guy that has managed to pull off 4 viral marketing campaigns in 6 months, with very little assistance.” Anyone that is interested in looking for more information about the contest and the course which launches today at 5pm EST is encouraged to do so by signing up at,

Catalyst X Media specializes in viral marketing campaigns and strategies.


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