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Chatter Social – A Social Video Chatting Application – Creates Meaningful School and Work Connections via Facebook

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BOSTON, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ —, a new social networking site, maintains users’ privacy while pairing them with people from their schools or workplaces to create anonymous, yet meaningful connections.

“Unlike similar sites, Chatter Social does not randomly pair people up,” says the site’s founder, Fazim Mohammed. “We find people who have attended the same high schools, colleges and workplaces. So, right from the start, people have something in common.”

So, how does it work? Users visit the Chatter Social site and click the “Login Using Facebook” button and login using their Facebook credentials. The user then selects one of their school/work networks on Facebook and begins their chat. At anytime, a different chat partner can be located.

For instance, if a user attended Stanford University, he or she can connect with current Stanford students or alumni.

Chatter Social does not disclose or retain any information from Facebook. It also does not reveal a profile picture or name. It does have the ability to utilize video/audio/chat, but the user maintains control over the communication method. He or she may use one or all off the communication vehicles.

Additionally, since the users have common ground, Chatter Social is not just about entertainment and socializing. It can be used for job networking or even academic purposes.

Currently, the site only allows users who are affiliated with a college or company. Plans are in the works for additional features that will open up the site to a more far-reaching audience.

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About Chatter Social

Chatter Social is a web application that is fully integrated with Facebook. Created in the span of seven months, Fazim Mohammed, a 20-something software engineer for a financial firm in Boston, started out designing the site as a part-time hobby. The site quickly grew into more than a hobby. Today, he is excited to share this new social media application with the world!

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