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Communal living for the tech entrepreneur? It can happen…

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Are you a tech entrepreneur?  Developer that wants to strike out on your own and focus on your ideas but having trouble surrounding yourself with the right people?  Do you dream of creating the next ThemeForest phenomenon with your design but find yourself uninspired with the usual coffee shops or drab grey walls of your meagerly furnished living room?  You’re in luck!

“Founder House’s mission is to accelerate human progress by bringing people with shared passions closer together.”

Two guys and an idea created Founder House, a co-living environment to help tech entrepreneurs learn from one another, accelerate their life and business.  If your start-up idea requires more knowledge than you currently possess, this may be just what you need.  Surrounding yourself in an environment and community where all of your roommates have varying and amazing skills could prove immeasurable in putting the last pieces of your start-up puzzle together.   Who wouldn’t want roommates that were coders, game designers,  app developers, or even graphic designers…

If you currently live, or want to live, in the New York area and are interested in applying for a room in a 3, 4, or even 5 story town-home, check out their website at Founder.House or check out their Craigslist ad with even more information on the house, it’s tenants, and some of the awesome things they do there.  Monthly rent starts at only $1k but the amount you could potentially take away from living in a community such as this is pretty priceless.

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