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InboxQ to Partner with Seesmic’s Popular Twitter App

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Lead-Generating Q&A Tool and Social Media Monitoring Giant to Evolve How Businesses Engage on Social Stream

SAN FRANCISCO, April 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — InboxQ, an innovative web service that mines Twitter for sales leads, has announced a strategic partnership with Seesmic, a leading developer of social management monitoring tools, to integrate InboxQ’s customer acquisition tool into Seesmic’s Twitter monitoring application.

This integration will allow Seesmic’s large base of business users to easily access InboxQ directly from the company’s Twitter client, adding a social lead generation element to Seesmic’s brand-building Twitter app. InboxQ forwards a realtime stream of questions from Tweeters related to a specific business, product or interest, alerting businesses to opportunities where they can use their expertise to solve problems and build relationships with potential customers.

“Helping people online is the best way to find customers or enlarge your community,” said Loic Lemeur, CEO of Seesmic. “InboxQ makes it really easy to answer questions on Twitter based on search terms that are relevant to your business. Now, with the Seesmic Desktop plugin you get a full application to start generating leads today.”

“Working with an industry leader like Seesmic to make our tool available to all their customers aligns with our strategy of integrating our product anywhere businesses are using Twitter,” said Joe Fahrner, InboxQ Co-Founder and CEO. “Brand managers know they need to be on Twitter, but there’s no playbook for this type of marketing. Our partnership with Seesmic is the next evolution of how businesses can benefit from social media.”

More than just a means to provide customer support, InboxQ’s method of searching Twitter for product and topic specific questions helps identify customers who are deep in the purchase cycle or conversion funnel. Using InboxQ, businesses can develop a more direct ROI strategy around Twitter than just merely measuring re-tweets and other tactics that don’t necessarily lead to customer acquisition.

“Seesmic and InboxQ are developing must have features for business users trying to have maximum leverage of social media for their brands”, said Jeff Clavier, the Managing Partner of SoftTech VC with stakes in both companies. “Their collaboration will offer huge benefits to their users, and I am obviously pleased at the portfolio synergy.”

For more information about InboxQ, visit To learn more about Seesmic, go to

About InboxQ

InboxQ was founded by Joe Fahrner and Jason Konrad in 2009 after realizing there were lots of questions being asked by people on Twitter, but few were receiving useful answers. In fact, most Tweeted questions go completely unanswered. We also saw that lots of businesses were having a hard time finding ways to engage with Twitter users. Most available solutions are limited to basic keyword searches which return lots of unrelated Tweets or false positives.

InboxQ solve both of these problems. We help increase the likelihood that askers will get great answers to their questions. At the same time, we alert businesses to compelling engagement opportunities where they can use their expertise to help solve a problem and potentially win new customers.

InboxQ is powered by a small, hyper-productive team based in San Francisco that likes to use really complex technology to build very simple products that solve real problems.

About Seesmic

Seesmic is a social management application that offers high-quality, easy-to-use tools for building your brand online. Founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, our mission is to help people manage their online life, no matter what platform they’re on at any moment. We offer an array of products to help achieve this goal, including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Web and Desktop applications. Over 5 million people all over the world have downloaded our various applications to date. To try Seesmic for yourself, visit .



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