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omNovia Releases Recast, World’s First Interactive Webinar Replay

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HOUSTON, Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — omNovia Technologies, a leading global provider of web conferencing, high quality webinars, engaging online trainings and live event HD video webcasting solutions, announced the full release of its patent-pending Recast technology. Recast is omNovia’s unique webinar recording technology that creates on-demand interactive replays. Upon playback, all interactive features of the live event are available, exactly as if the viewer was watching the live session.

omNovia’s Recast also provides significant savings in cost and time by offering a new way to repurpose recorded webinars. “We have been using live webinars to communicate with our clients. As an organization with offices in many countries throughout the world, we would have to have several live webinars with the same exact content to overcome the differences in time zones. But now omNovia’s Recast allows us to use the content we already have to deliver interactive, on-demand webinars around the clock,” said Victoria Poor, Public Relations and Events Manager at Thomson CompuMark, a business unit of Thomson Reuters.

While recorded webinars give attendees the opportunity to watch a webinar at their own convenience, no matter their schedule or time zone, current technologies offer only one-way communication by producing large-file movies with no interactivity at replay time. “omNovia’s Recast is unique among web conferencing recording and playback technologies,” said Ken Molay, renowned industry expert and president of Webinar Success. “I have been quite impressed with the ability to play back recorded content inside a live session. Audience members can interact with polls, links, and text chat as if the content was truly live, and presenters can add live content such as Q&A or screen reconfiguration even while the playback continues.”

“We believe interaction creates connection,” said Shawn Shadfar, CEO of omNovia Technologies. “If your attendees can interact with you by typing questions, answering polls or downloading presentation materials, you will significantly improve their level of engagement and comfort, as well as their overall experience. This will positively influence how they think about you, your company and your products. Until now, such interactivity was limited to live webinars. What makes Recast revolutionary is its unique ability to combine the flexibility of on-demand webinars with the interactivity of live webinars,” Shadfar added.

Recast requires no software installations and keeps the original audio and video quality during the replay.

omNovia Technologies™ is a leading global provider of online meetings, high-quality webinars, engaging online trainings and live event webcasting solutions for small business meetings and large-scale enterprise conferences. omNovia’s high-quality web conferencing platform offers the best online meeting experience with a unique capacity of 5,000 simultaneous participants in an interactive web-based environment. omNovia’s live event webcasting solution, StageToWeb, provides HD live-video streaming, integrated voice and interactive tools.

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