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The Revolution in Web Application Servers, Now for Mac

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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Until now, deploying internal web services like building a company Intranet used to be a complex, complicated and costly undertaking, resulting in a clutter of functionalities that where difficult to handle, external consultants focused on increasing budgets, and employees boycotting the “strange new thing”. Not to forget the fear of dangerous bugs and a hard-to-handle IT infrastructure.

These times came to an end. It’s time for a revolution!

Web Applications, take 2.0.

MLstate — a start-up which was the Laureate of the French Ministry of Research Innovation Contest three years ago — has rewritten the whole server technology, bringing verifiable security to web applications. The result is a breakthrough: all SQL and similar database injections; all buffer overflows are eliminated.

Now, thanks to this comprehensive One-Pot Application (OPA) technology, creating an Intranet and other web applications becomes as easy as never before.

iServer, made for Mac, built with OPA.

Wondering whether there would ever be an alternative to SharePoint for Macs? There is! iServer is the Web 2.0 collaborative portal for Mac. iServer features a website, intra and extranet and a social network all combined in one! Among features: workgroups, blogs, forums, wikis, calendars and much more.

iServer combines an exclusive technical structure introducing enhanced Administrator Experience (AX). It integrates every Web 2.0 tool necessary to efficiently collaborate and communicate, and with an ongoing focus on User Experience (UX). Its security and simplicity accompanied by speed and high quality are unmatched. Creating a company Intranet has never been as trouble-free, iServer does it the “Mac Way”.

iServer is blazingly fast and secure. Even on low-power devices: A Mac Mini is sufficient to power a 50-people Intranet, for less than $2000 — hardware and software. No offer can match, by a considerable margin! For the first time, an enterprise intranet is available for any company.

With iServer, available on the AppStore, anyone can now build an Intranet in one click. iServer Enterprise is available for $999.99. iServer Project, limited to 5 users, is available for just $49.99. MacOSX Server is not even required.

iServer is made by MLstate — whose technology, developed by a R&D team of 25, including 12 PhDs, has won the French Ministry of Research Innovation Contest in 2008. MLstate is a member of the W3C.

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