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MOORESTOWN, N.J., April 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Internet has made it possible for just about anyone to start a business on a shoestring. Unfortunately, the difficulty of getting a website up and running — and profiting — puts an end to many would-be online entrepreneurs’ dreams before they even get off the ground. But ( aims to change this with a suite of affordable software solutions designed to help start, run and grow real businesses online.

“ has developed software products to take online businesses from start-up through marketing and branding,” stated Harold E. Hemmings, president of parent company Phoenix House. “We aim to make the entire process of building a website exciting and profitable for everyone from expert webmasters to e-commerce newcomers.”

For those just starting out,’s ThemeBuzz makes it simple to create WordPress themes. The user-friendly interface requires no coding or design knowledge, and most users can create or customize professional-looking WordPress themes in just minutes. At just $25, ThemeBuzz is less than the cost of many premium single WordPress themes available online.

Creating a site is only the beginning. In fact, the initial site creation is typically the easy part. Where many fledgling online businesses fail is in getting their sites found and monetizing them — and that’s where really shines. With multiple solutions for keyword analysis, page rank analysis and boosting, content creation, viral marketing, SEO, blogging, advertising, e-mail marketing and even project management, the company has taken all the guesswork out of establishing and building a Web presence.

“ delivers targeted, highly effective software that simplifies the overwhelming task of running a profitable online business,” Hemmings stated. “Our easy-to-use software solutions remove steep learning curves and trial-and-error learning to help users focus on the tasks that will make their e-commerce portals successful.”

Most software is Windows-based and runs from $15 for ListCleaner to $97 for TrafficScorpion. Learn more at


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