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The Peoples Economy

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While the news is preaching doom and gloom and scaring us with political battles, I know a secret. Neither the newscasters, nor politics create jobs or wealth. The secret is that in America we are responsible for our own future. No matter what the headlines say or who shakes hands behind closed doors, the American economy is not built by such things.

The American economy is built by everyday Americans going to work, creating, innovating, and dreaming of a better future. Politicians can yell until they are blue in the face about the best way to “fix” our economy, but the truth of the matter is that all they really need to do is get out of the way. Economies do not understand debt ceilings, tax loopholes, or bailout legislation. Our government has signed numerous bills telling the economy to straighten up, but the economy is not listening.

That is because our Economy is built off of a relationship, not between government and business, but between the people and business. Our economy is based on the idea that whoever provides the best product and service at a price people are willing to pay wins. This agreement between people and business is what drives the economy forward. The problem is that we have forgotten this fact. Large corporations don’t have to innovate, because they can just be bailed out. But that is ok, because small business is still more powerful than the huge corporations. People want good, local, honest organizations and only the small business can provide such things.

Don’t wait for the economy to turn. You are the driver, make it turn. Run your business or your household to the best of your ability. Provide quality products, and caring services. Create innovative new ways of doing business. Most importantly keep your head up. Let the newscasters speculate and let the politicians negotiate, because while they are doing that, we the people will be rolling up our sleeves and doing what we do best.

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