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8 Tips To Be A Better Salesperson

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December 2, 2010
by Lacy Sereduk

Everyone want to sell more.  Lots more.  But, what’s the key to being a top performing businessman?  Offering the newest and best products on the market? Constantly growing your down-line/sales reps no matter the cost? Or is it always being energetic with a smile on your face and jumping around like the ShamWow guy?

It really isn’t any of these but it has a lot to do with each of them.  Keep reading for NetworkingStar’s 8 Tips To Be A Better Salesperson.

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH Don’t jump into a distributorship or home based business with out learning everything you can about the company.  You want to ask to see their terms and conditions, find out all the costs involved, and learn from others about the opportunity.

2. DO THE AFTERMATH If it costs $100 to join, $50 a month, and $100 for product, you’re in to the company $250 to start.  How much are you going to have to sell to make that money back?  How much are you going to have to sell to cover your monthly costs?  If you earn $100 a month, it will take you 4 months to pay off your initial cost plus monthly fees.  That doesn’t sound too bad but you have to know whether or not their are minimum annual sales amounts to be met or one time annual order of $400 retail like Mary Kay.

3. KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS One of the most important aspects of being of a sales person is being knowledgeable.  If  you know what you’re talking about, you build trust a lot easier and that trust can translate into more sales and more faithful customers.

4. BE CONFIDENT If you sound soft spoken, timid, or scared, you’ll come across as sounding ashamed of your product or sales pitch.  You can be an expert in your company but potential clients like to feel assured that you’re not hiding anything.  Confidence goes a long ways.

5. DON’T BE SCARY It’s just not right for anyone to get that excited about a cheese grater.  You want your potential clients to be confident in your products and your sanity, not scared because you’re shouting like a madman at the great deal they’re getting.  If you’re selling candles, lotions, or other relaxation products, you should relay calm and relaxation in your voice.  You can’t expect people to buy from you when you’re wound up tighter than your company’s latest see-through glow in the dark corkscrew that now doubles as a straw.  Allow your countenance to be a mirror of what they can expect after buying your products.

6. FIND AN AREA OF EXPERTISE Let’s face it, you’re not Wal*Mart so don’t try to be.  Not many people feel confident that their toaster oven is going to last long when it’s made by the same company that made their eye drops and those cookies in the tin they ordered last Christmas.  Sell what you know best or get to know what sells best.

7. NO PRESSURE When engaging a potential client or new distributor/resaler, leave the high pressure out of it.  Until you can get a feel for just how much pressure closes a deal, you should let the product sell itself.  After all, if the product doesn’t sell itself, then you’re selling an opportunity that others are not likely to fall for.

8. FOLLOW UP Don’t let yourself get so busy that you forget to follow up with your clients until you’re ready to sell again.  A good waiting period is a week after a purchase has been made.  So many people are compulsive buyers these days that they often buy something and don’t even open the package for several days.  Give your customers a chance to check it out on their own or a little reminder if they haven’t already.

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