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A Program of Self Reliance

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What we do each day as networkers and entrepreneurs is important. Not to be too dramatic, but economies and countries need us to step up and teach a vital skill that is being forgotten by citizens and leveraged by politicians to get votes. I am talking about self reliance.

To succeed and overcome challenges we must become self reliant. It does not matter if you are a new or an experienced entrepreneur, you cannot have success if you wait for others to take care of you.

To be a successful leader, it is your obligation to teach your team to become self reliant. Any person that is over others will not have long term success if the team does not do things for themselves and then teach others to do the same.

Success is a team sport and each member of the team must contribute or is not worthy of his spot. Teach self reliance to your team through action and accountability. Give your team the opportunity to succeed and have some failures too. Self reliance does not come without some bruises.

Being an entrepreneur is not a “give me” program. It requires courage and confidence. It requires standing on your own two feet. It requires being able to help others. It requires self reliance.

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A Program of Self Reliance

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