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The day was perfect, the mountain majestic, and the falls were epic.

It was a beautiful day, that is for sure. We had spent the previous day filming Cooper as he told us the story of how Banshee Bungee got it start. Cooper is definitely not your prototypical corporate executive, but he knows his stuff.  With his right arm sporting tattoos of machine guns and the Virgin Mary, Cooper is not the type of guy that loves wearing a suit and tie to work every day. But Banshee has a real stud with him on board.  Their sales are way up and they are reaping the rewards of their labors.

The day was incredible until Sam decided to use his head to stop his momentum. We learned a bunch of new terms, like “chukin carcass” and Sam got a trip to the emergency room.  Sam was absolutely in pain, but he was cracking so many jokes, we didn’t know what to think.

I am heading to the hospital now. Sam is having a CT Scan. I hope he is not in too bad of shape.


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Chuckin Carcass

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