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Good PR Joke

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Q: Did you hear the one about the eyeglasses dealer who intentionally inspired negative feedback by threatening his customers, just so he could get higher Google ratings?

A: Turns out, he was arraign-maker.
Punch lines aside, this is Bad PR to the extreme. The use and abuse of negative feedback to elevate an organic Google ranking caught up with the offensive businessman and prompted changes.

It also showed that over time, one persistent customer can make or break a business. Clarabelle Rodriguez finally took down naughty Vitaly Borker, with help from the New York Times. He was arraigned just before Christmas.

As a result of this story, the Google Search algorithm was revised  to better include “sentiment analysis” and detect unscrupulous businesses. That’s a tough charge when they have to ensure politicians, and other entities swimming in negative feedback won’t fall out of search results.

Google prides itself on sharing its favorite trait about small business – adaptability.
Whether your business is small or large, public relations can help you to adapt to the immediate exchange of information in the marketplace, and help you shine….IF you’re nice. It also can help you get your story told.

NY Times follow up story at:

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