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If Your Mouth Is Moving…

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In 1995 my wife Marsha and I joined our first network marketing company, called The People’s Network (TPN), which is no longer in business. I was a veterinary sales manager at the time for The Iams Pet Food Company and Marsha was a Special Education school teacher.

We stumbled upon TPN by our neighbor Dave, who lived across the street. At first, I thought this was the kind of thing people did who couldn’t get a degree or a “real job.” Although I had no idea what I was doing, I showed up to all the home meetings, conventions, training events, etc. After 12 months, I made absolutely nothing! I never received a 1099 from the company because we made no income! That worked so well I decided to try another company. We failed. in 1996 we became distributors with another company and failed!

I threw in the towel on network marketing and swore it off for good! Until one day in December of 1997 we were introduced to a new telephony company called I-Link Worldwide. It was intriguing enough I wrote the check and became a distributor. This time it was different! In 1998, after investing a ton of time and resources we generated $5,500 in income that year. The next year, part-time, we generated $67,000 and the next year our income exceeded $25,000 in one month (January of 2000) and sadly the next month the company went out of business and sold their marketing division to another well know MLM company.

We continued our career with a company called Pre-Paid Legal, now LegalShileld. We went on to become one of the top associates in this company. While at LegalShield, I learned a very important principle from one of my mentors. Once I put into practice what he taught me, our business took off like a rocket!

He said, “Tony, you’ve got to understand the magical principle of 3rd party. Once you understand that we use 3rd party always and teach others to do the same you’ll being to notice real results.” He continued, “If you’re mouth is moving, you should be 1. Pointing at something, 2. Reading something, 3. Introducing someone or  4. Telling a story.” He went on to teach me that my mouth was getting in the way of my progress by using the “slick” sales training techniques I had been taught in corporate America.

We used to have audio tapes we would hand out as 3rd party tools and then we went to video tapes.  But honestly, the best “tape” you can invest in -in the world of network marketing- is “duck tape!” Unless, you are pointing, reading, introducing or telling a story, you might be slowing your progress too.

Using 3rd party ALWAYS is one of the fundamentals of top network marketing professionals! It’s an absolute must for any business to duplicate! Duplication is the key to financial freedom! After all, the ULTIMATE AIM in network marketing is to become “insignificant!” When you create a massive six or seven figure passive income and you don’t know the majority of your team and most of them don’t know you, you are now on your way to a beautiful life!


Tony Hughes
networkingstar™ Contributor

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