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Still Think Social Media Is A Waste Of Time?

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If you still think a social networking site is the the company water cooler or coffee pot, you need to get with the times.  Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are everywhere and exactly where you company should want to be.  You might think you don’t have a lot to offer but if you really thought about it, you may be surprised.

Is your company listed?

If you have a prospective client or distributor that hears about your amazing opportunity or product, you can pretty much bet that they’ll be checking out your web site and social connectivity to verify your company is real.  Anyone can make a web site these days so if you had your friend’s nephew build your site and it doesn’t look so great, you’ll really want to invest in social media.

A company with a social presence suggests that they’re there to stay, that they have nothing to hide, and that they care about their customers.  It also shows that they have belief in their product or service so much that they want to create a place for people to talk about it or go to get the latest update about the company or brand.

What do you talk about?

Let’s say your company sells bedspreads and accessories.  Not exactly exciting.  Not exactly the hip thing to Twitter.  But you’ll still have the opportunity to get more eyes on your company by having a social media site.  Small Businesses use their FaceBook pages to share with their current customers information about new products but they also provide a service.

Think about why people are interested in your product.  We used bedspreads as an example so think of what they’re for.  A great way to get people involved is to share information in which they would be interested.  For blankets: sleep pattern research, studies on different types of cloth, healthy sleeping habit tips.  If you sell health drinks: work out tips, healthy drink recipes, little known facts about fruits.

Many companies have the mistaken idea that their pages and tweets need to be all about their company or brands when in reality, there should be a healthy mix of company info and beneficial info.  This is a great way to build a conversation.  It’s hard to get user involvement if you post about your latest vacuum but if you ask a question about what kind of indoor pet people have, you’ll be surprised at how much of a response you may receive.

Are people really on these sites?

According to, they have over 500 million active users (that’s not just registered, that’s active).  200 million are accessing FaceBook through their mobile phone and a shocking 700 billion minutes a month are spent on FaceBook; that would take one user 1,331,811 years 24 hours a day to hit that.  What’s really interesting is that people that access FaceBook on their mobile phones are twice as active on FaceBook than non-mobile users.

Twitter is still a baby in the field with 145 million users but their slowly catching up, according to and 62% of these users are mobile users.  In fact, 16% of all new Twitter users START on their mobile phone.  According to a study done by AIS Media, 27% of 500 people surveyed admitted that they access FaceBook from their mobile device while in the bathroom!  That means 1 in 4 people that are liking your wall post or commenting on that cute picture of your kid are on the toilet while they’re doing it.

Smart phones are slowing replacing computers for online communication so don’t you want your business to be seen and heard?  Research studies by Eugen Tarnow have shown that humans exhibit a high probability of failure to recall information after ten minutes.  If you have a social presence, your potential customers are even more likely to find you if they can just search for your FaceBook page.  Sure, FaceBook says there are over 900 million pages, groups, and events pages, but that just shows you that if you’re not there, someone else will be.

February 2, 2011 by Staff Writer Lacy Sereduk. All rights reserved 2011

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