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The Success Myth

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Just Follow These Easy Steps to Success…

When I was first married, I remember moving into our first place and noticing how empty it felt — especially compared to my parent’s house. I remember feeling the tug to go out and max out a credit card or two to furnish the whole thing.

The illusion that I wasn’t able to see past was that my parent’s house was filled with decades of accumulation. It wasn’t like everything was just drop-shipped the day after their honeymoon.

Success offers a similar mythical presence. We overlook the organic path that success compels us to take. Whether we are talking about the latest blockbuster movie, or that band that was an overnight success, or the newest car – they all had a long time in the making. We may have just witnessed them for the first time, but we don’t have the provelege of seeing their rise to fame; the time they spent slogging through the hard work of getting to the big stage.

Our debt crisis is a result of this shortsightedness. Remember how I was about to go and blow money I didn’t have to fill my house? It happens all the time — attempting to acquire what we haven’t truly earned.

If it sounds too good to be true, if someone is showing you their success and making it look so easy to attain the same level, if you haven’t worked for it…you shouldn’t expect to succeed overnight.

…Unless you attain it through your parent’s last will and testament.

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